[Overseas Features] Part 3 – All Time Low – “Future Hearts” Album Release Performance – Rough Trade NYC



Overseas Features – Part 3 – All Time Low
“Future Hearts” Album Release Performance – Rough Trade NYC
<海外報導特集> 第三章:All Time Low
Future Hearts專輯發行日表演

Coming to our Overseas Features Part 3, we had joined All Time Low’s album release week performance in New York City on the day Future Hearts officially out in the market. As one of the most popular pop punk group in the current scene, there’s no doubt that All Time Low is at the top of their game. The band slowly gains worldwide support with consecutive 5 albums, and finally they taste ultimate mainstream success with their 6th album Future Hearts scoring No.1 both in US and UK Chart.

來到 <海外報導特集> 的第三,我們特意前往紐約市參與 All Time Low 專輯 Future Hearts 的發行日表演。作為現今樂壇當紅流行朋克樂隊之一,毫無疑問他們正處於事業上的巔峰。樂隊憑前五張專輯漸漸獲得樂迷支持,他們本月再下一城,以第六張專輯 Future Hearts 獲得主流成功,同時奪取英美專輯榜第一位。

Photo Recap 現場相片 – All Time Low – Album Release Show at Rough Trade NYC
Album Review 專輯評論 – All Time Low – Future Hearts


Lots of young fans queued up outside Rough Trade a lot earlier so they could steal the best spot at this intimate gig. The entrance of this rustic record store was occupied by All Time Low merchandise and the enlightened blue heart logo like a worship to the pop culture.

很多年輕歌迷一大清早便開始在演出場地 Rough Trade 排隊,希望可以在這近距離表演中爭到最佳位置。這個工業風裝潢的唱片店入口處被 All Time Low 商品和藍綠色啟蒙眼睛心形標誌完全佔據,就像一個流行文化的崇拜。

 ATL 3


The band performed 7 songs in acoustic including their latest single Kids In The Dark and their singalong anthems Weightless, Remembering Sunday and Backseat Serenade under the haunted blue light. The simple setting brought out the quiet side of ATL. It was like that extended mellow break when they played Therapy in their  full-length concert set. The mellifluous vocal and instrumental foundation easily cling to everyone in the venue, especially when the audience are diehards with deep admiration for the band.

樂團以不插電形式演唱了七首歌曲,包括他們最新單曲 Kids In The Dark、代表作 Weightless Backseat Serenade 等。簡單的台設置展示ATL柔美文靜的一面,可是那個詭異藍光卻削弱了現場氛圍。這個簡約表演就像是他們完整演唱會中清唱 Therapy 部分的延續篇。有時候一切還原基本步便能令人會心微笑,可況是對著對樂隊充滿傾慕的死忠樂迷喔。

Dameed If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
Backseat Serenade
Kids In The Dark
Remembering Sunday
Something’s Gotta Give



You might not get to listen to your favorite song this night, but would definitely hear what you were dying to hear – I LOVE YOU! The band filled up the rest of the 1-hour performance with casual chat, stories about the new album and lots of “I love you”.

All Time Low 可能沒有在這短暫的晚上演奏你喜歡的歌,但他們必定會說你所渴望聽到的 —— I LOVE YOU!」除了上面提到的七首歌曲外,樂隊在個多小時的演出中作了很多閒聊,分享新專輯故事,更多次跟樂迷說 I Love You。


It was a well-known All Time Low tradition that fans throw bras to the stage during the show. And this night the fancy bras got a little bunny as companion as a fan girl passed it to the stage with a loud scream of MARRY ME!

眾所周知 All Time Low 演唱會有個歌迷將胸罩拋到舞台的傳統。這夜佻皮的胸罩堆中有隻可愛小兔子作同伴,其間一個女樂迷不斷大叫「嫁給我」!


Unlike their intimate shows a week before, they did not do any post-gig signing since, as the band explained, they would be off to UK immediately for another promotion. Disappointment surely showed on many attendees’ faces, but we guess this would not ruin their memory of the night; because no matter what All Time Low did, these boys would still be their pop rock hero, at least for now. With countless chart-topping crowns and worldwide popularity, it’s impossible for anyone to turn a blind eye on All Time Low in the next couple years. So get ready for their enthusiastic, adrenaline-driven tunes and grinning smile!

與上星期的小型演出不同,樂隊並没有在演唱會後舉行簽名會,他們解釋因為要立即飛往英國固未能與歌迷見面。當然很多樂迷臉上流露出傷感,但相信這暇疵不會毀掉他們的回憶,全因 All Time Low 一舉手一投足都仍是他們的流行搖滾英雄。從樂團全球無數的流行榜冠冕所見,你很難對他們視而不見,相信他們在未來幾年必定再以活力流行曲調和燦爛笑容令你腎上腺素飆升。

Photo Recap 現場相片 – All Time Low – Album Release Show at Rough Trade NYC
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