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[SPRING GIVEAWAY 春季抽獎] All Time Low – Future Hearts CD

Hopeless Records is giving away a few copies of All Time Low’s latest album Future Hearts to our readers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The album scores No.1 in both US and UK Album Chart and receives worldwide success.

Simply LIKE and SHARE this poster and stands a chance to win this striking album for your summer.

Special Thanks: Hopeless Records

Hopeless Records 將免費送出 All Time Low 最新專輯 Future Hearts 給我們的香港和台灣讀者。專輯分別於英、美專輯榜取得第一位,同時成功進佔世界各地流行榜冠軍位置。


特別鳴謝: Hopeless Records

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Overseas Features – Part 3 – All Time Low “Future Hearts” Album Release Performance Rough Trade NYC
<海外報導特集 > 第三章:All Time Low – Future Hearts 專輯發行日表演

★ 現場相片 Photo Gallery
文字回顧 Concert Review

 專輯評論 Full Review

…… 這個簡約表演就像是他們完整演唱會中清唱 Therapy 部分的延續篇。有時候一切還原基本步便能令人會心微笑,可況是對著對樂隊充滿傾慕的死忠樂迷喔…… 眾所周知 All Time Low 演唱會有個歌迷將胸罩拋到舞台的傳統。這夜佻皮的胸罩堆中有隻可愛小兔子作同伴,其間一個女樂迷不斷大叫「嫁給我」!

… It was like that extended mellow break when they played Therapy in their full-length concert set. The mellifluous vocal and instrumental foundation easily cling to everyone in the venue, especially when the audience are diehards with deep admiration for the band… It was a well-known All Time Low tradition that fans throw bras to the stage during the show. And this night the fancy bras got a little bunny as companion as a fan girl passed it to the stage with a loud scream of MARRY ME!

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<獨家專訪 Exclusive Interview> Diesear 烙印之日 – Chase Your Dreams, Make Them Reality 熾焰金屬夢與實

專訪全文 Full Interview

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The Color Morale 5

Vanna 5

Slaves 1

Alive Like Me 1

Overseas Features – Part 4 – Alternative Press Presents: Hold On Pain Ends Tour – The Color Morale + Vanna + Slaves + Alive Like Me
<海外報導特集> 第四Hold On Pain Ends Tour 紐約站

This is one of the best metalcore concert we’ve reviewed! Band introduction, concert review plus more photos will be up next week.


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[GIG UPDATE] Maroon 5 – Live in Hong Kong

Date 日期: 04 September 2015
Time 時間: 8:00 p.m.
Venue 地點: AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong
Ticket 票價: (Standing) $888, (Seating) $488, $688, $888, $988 via hkticketing.com.

*Ticket goes on sale from May 8 (Citibank card holder from May 4)

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[NEWS] Darling Down Releases Quentin Tarantino Style Video “Never Tell”

Female fronted Rock band Darling Down release new video “Never Tell”. The track comes from their new album Never Tell which features collaborations with accomplished guest musicians including Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Vinnie Dombrowski of Sponge, Stephen Richards of Taproot, and Brett Hestla of Dark New Day.

Ryan Hudson describes “The best part of the video is all the gore. We filmed it with inspiration from Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino. I was surprised to learn how the special effects makeup artist made blood splatter. Let’s just say there was a lot of spitting.”

以女主將為首的搖滾樂隊Darling Down發布新視頻 Never Tell。歌曲收錄於同名專輯,當中與多個音樂單位合作,包括 Sevendust 的 Clint Lower、Sponge 的 Vinnie Dombrowski、Taproot 的 Stephen Richards 和 Dark New Day 的 Brett Hestla 等等。成員 Ryan Hudson 談到 Never Tell 視頻説:「影片中最好的必定是血腥部分。我們從導演 Quentin Tarantino 和 Eli Roth 得到拍攝靈感。我很興奮學習到特效化妝師製作血液飛濺的過程。」

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[NEWS] Deftones New Album Coming In September

Deftones teased new information following Koi No Yokan (2012) in an interview. Chino Moreno said, “The record, as far as music, has been all recorded, and I am currently working on the vocals,” he says. “So I’ve been recording from my home studio here in Oregon. Slowly but surely, getting it done, man. It’s coming out really good. It’s just another Deftones record. We have a tentative date of September 26.”

Deftones 在接受採訪時表示將在九月出版繼2012年Koi No Yokan後首張唱片。主唱 Chino Moreno 說:「專輯的音樂已經完成,目前我正在為歌唱部分進行錄音工作。」他又補充說:「我一直在家中錄音室工作。雖然進度緩慢但肯定會以高質完成。這是另一張 Deftones 風格的專輯。這會是一個偉大的唱片,並暫定於9月26日推出。」

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The Used—which includes singer Bert McCracken, guitarist Quinn Allman, bassist Jeph Howard and drummer Dan Whitesides formed in Orem, Utah in 2001. Their gold-certified Self-Titled debut in 2002, quickly cementing the Used as leaders among the post-hardcore elite, thanks in part to unforgettable singles like “Box Full of Sharp Objects,” “The Taste of Ink,” “Blue And Yellow”and “Buried Myself Alive.” The band then released the CD/DVD combo “Maybe Memories” in 2003, followed by 2004’s “In Love And Death” with singles “Take It Away,” “I Caught Fire” and “All That I’ve Got”.

★ 海外特集 Overseas Features 2014 – The Used – Live in Chicago

The Used 由主唱 Bert McCracken、結他手 Quinn Allman、貝斯手 Jeph Howard 和鼓手 Dan Whitesides 於2001年在美國猶他州組成。樂隊於2002年發行的首張同名專輯獲金唱片佳績,迅速成為後硬核領頭人物,當中的難忘單曲包括 Box Full of Sharp Objects、The Taste of Ink、Blue And Yellow 和 Buried Myself Alive 等。樂隊隨後於2003年發布了 CD/ DVD 合輯 Maybe Memories 及2004年的 In Love And Death,相信你必定聴:聽過裡面的作品 Take It Away、I Caught Fire 和 All That I’ve Got。


The Used – Live in Hong Kong
Supporting 共演樂隊: TBC
Date 日期: 10 Aug 2015
Time 時間: 8:00 p.m.
Venue 地點: Music Zone, KITEC
Ticket 票價: $450(earlybird), $550(Adv), $650(Door) at ticketflap.com

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[NEWS] Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman Died Two Year Ago This Saturday

The man who slayed millions of metal hearts – Keep shredding on the other side of the world.

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Many of you may have heard about the tragic earthquake in Nepal which has killed 1800 people (and the number is rising) in the region and the neighboring countries. You can click this link to know more info about NGOs that are receiving donation to help victims in this disaster.