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Singing in the Rain seems to be the perfect tune associated with We Came As Romans. Every time when we catch these metalcore sextet  – no matter it’s on a national tour, outdoor stage or indoor concert, WCAR always march out in the pouring rain with invincible pride on their chest. There’s no muddy sludge tonight, but this school hall-like venue just makes it as fun as you’ve never expected.

每次欣賞金屬核樂團 We Came As Romans 的演出,不管是全國巡演、戶外舞台或是室內場館,WCAR 恰巧都在瓢潑大雨中昂首踏步準備以音樂征服世界。今晚雖沒有泥濘濕地,但這學校禮堂般的場地卻使演出有着各樣的驚喜。

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Hong Kong’s indie new star Parallel Horizon comes out earlier to warm the crowd up in the unusual summer chill. Founded in 2014, the band has attracted strong fan base with their deathcore-fused aggression within the local underground community. Though the floor is not fully-packd yet, they ignite scattered dance / mosh pits all over. Their final song Transcendence evokes a imagination of the portray of a young’s long lost spiritual journey. (Purchase their debut EP here)

暖場樂團、香港獨立新星 Parallel Horizon 先踏上舞台為觀眾熱身。他們成立於2014年,憑著其侵略deathcore作品在短短日子在地下音樂圈已吸納了不少樂迷。儘管現場仍未擠滿觀眾,但已點燃起散落的小型mosh pits。最後歌曲 Transcendence 刻畫出少年人迷失的心靈之旅的意像。(在此購買 Parallel Horizon 首張 EP)

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This night’s headliner We Came As Romans storms the stage with oldie To Plant A Seed, immediately steams up the crowd. With six grown men occupying a narrow stage, it shows a bit of over-crowded especially for a band that’s known for their vigorous presence. No matter where you stand, you’ll have a band member playing right in front of you. Their extremely friendly gesture wins fans’ hearts in a glimpse – grinning wide, bouncing high, shaking hands, sharing mic, taking selfie and even a sit-and-sing session.

主角 We Came As Romans 以舊曲 To Plant A Seed 旋風式為演出打開序幕,馬上把現場氣氛推至頂點。對於六個表演者、尤其以爆炸性現場表演見稱的樂團來說,這個舞台着實較為狹窄。儘管你站在會場的哪一邊,都會有一個樂隊成員站在你面前演奏。他們非常友善的表現很快贏得全場樂迷的心——燦爛笑容,跳躍特技,握手擊掌,分享麥克風,拿樂迷手機自拍,甚至坐在台邊一同合唱。


The stage size clearly has limited the band’s possible movement. They had way more interaction where we caught them twice during their North America tour. Having said that, Hangout, this night’s venue, does bring out surprises by breaking the barrier between the band and the fans. The intimate experience has naturally painted joyous smiles on attendees’ faces.

與 WCAR 北美巡演相比,細小舞台明顯限制了樂隊的走動。話雖如此,Hangout 卻打破了樂隊和樂迷之間的隔膜,帶來了獨特的驚喜。近距離接觸自然令所有出席者會心微笑。



There’s no ways you can shake and wave Kyle Pavone’s hand for 10 seconds if the show was held in a bigger live house with security guards and barricades. Not limited to vocalists Dave Stephens and Pavone, the whole band has shown astounding energy and determination to impress throughout the short but intense 70 minutes.

相信如果今次演出在其他較大的場地舉行,Kyle Pavone 絕不能拖着你的手,邊唱邊搖十多秒。不僅是主唱Dave Kyle,各成員也表現出不凡的力量,盡力在短短的七十分鐘留下深刻印象。


We Came As Romans has wisely selected a mix of old and new songs in the list from their three full-length discography, including undesirable hits like Fade Away, Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease, Broken Statues and Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, to please their first-time audience in Asia. The set is broken down into roughly four parts with pre-recorded electronic interlude bridges each section.

今次 We Came As Romans 從事業中三個專輯中選取演出曲目,包括代表作 Fade Away, Roads That Don’t End Views That Never Cease , Broken Statues 及翻唱 Taylor Swift 大熱歌曲 I Knew You Were Trouble 等,以取悅第一次的見面的亞洲觀眾。歌單大約分成四部分,中間以預錄電子插曲作連接。


WCAR seem to be extremely excited to land on the other side of the world for musical exchange. All the positive vibe penetrates the crowd in all directions as if a powerhouse afire. Audience resonate by singing along with their uplifting lyrics that many young followers feel related to.

WCAR 似乎為這次亞洲音樂交流感到非常興奮。積極的氛圍從四面八方包圍觀眾,火紅的燃燒起來。許多年輕追隨者亦隨著令他們產生共鳴的振奮歌詞一起和唱。



Pavone marks an unexpected, incredible end to the show as he climbs up the basket hoop briskly, headbangs in gymnastic manner and pulls all attention like a magnet. Fun fact learnt – sometimes school hall and naughty act is a perfect match!

最後,Kyle 依意想不到的方式為演出畫上句號。他如體操選手般爬上台前的籃球架箍,更倒吊 headbang,吸引全場注意力。有趣人生課堂 —— 有時學校可是反叛行為的始作俑者喔!

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – We Came As Romans – Live in Hong Kong