[Features] New Found Glory – 朋克·刺青·人生·愛情 Punk, Tattoo, Life, Love


在02年夏天,我們愛上了 New Found Glory。

當時樂隊發行 Sticks and Stones 專輯,隨即以現在已成為流行朋克經典的 Head on Collision 和 My Friends Over You 等歌曲在 Vans Warped Tour 中贏得不少注意。其後在2004年推出Catalyst 專輯,更憑 All Down Hill From Here 奠定他們在朋克界的地位。

We fell in love with New Found Glory in 2002.

That summer, the band had just released their groundbreaking album “Sticks and Stones”, stormed the Vans Warped Tour with the now pop-punk-classics “Head on Collision” and “My Friends Over You”. They  continued their success with 2004’s release, “Catalyst” featuring their anthem”All Down Hill From Here”.

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New Found Glory 早在1997年於佛羅里達州組成,目前由主唱 Jordan Pundik 領軍,Chad Gilbert 擔任結他手,Ian Grushka 負責低音結他,Cyrus Bolooki 專注鼓手一職。樂團一共發布了8張錄音室專集,其中包括廣受好評的最新專輯 Resurrection

AllMusic 音樂指南描述 NGF 為「與 Blink-182 成為2000年初流行朋克界的指標。」許多音樂評論家亦把他們與 Blink-182 和 Green Day 看齊為塑造90年代末流行朋克運動的聲音。

New Found Glory is formed in Coral Springs, Florida circa 1997. The band currently consists of Jordan Pundik as vocalist, Chad Gilbert on guitar, Ian Grushka on bass and Cyrus Bolooki behind the kit. They band have released eight studio albums, including the critically-acclaimed release, Resurrection, their latest album.

AllMusic describes NGF as “practically serving alongside the work of Blink-182 as the blueprint to the entire genre for the early 2000s.” Lots of music critics see them, together with Blink-182 and Green Day, as the voices shaping the late 90’s pop punk movement.


New Found Glory 在去年10月發行第八張錄音室專輯 Resurrection,這也是他們第一張專輯經 Hopeless Records 推出的作品。經過多年音樂職業生涯的整合,樂隊重回自己流行朋克根源,以無比活力和不可抗拒的節拍製作新曲,像是一個忠於自我的光榮宣告。

Last October, New Found Glory issued “Resurrection”, their eighth studio album and also their first album via Hopeless Records. After a series of genre-mixing throughout their career, the band took a step back to their pop punk root and create an energy-filled, irresistible recording. It is a glorified proclamation of what they are and where they are from.


單曲 Selfless 有着 Head On Collision 的流行元素和單純直接的能量。 Living Hell 很容易讓人聯想到舊曲 Truth Of My Youth,兩者均是對魯莽的生活寫照。另一單曲 One More Round 以重型拍子作開端,加上直接了當的歌詞,旋律很不經意便會停留在腦海幾小時!

Single “Selfless” has the shadow of “Head On Collision” with same kind of catchy composition and stripped-down, pure energy. “Living Hell” easily reminds you the reckless life portrait in “Truth Of My Youth”. Another single “One More Round” consists heavy, straight-forward intro and lyrics that will easily stuck in your head for hours.


NGF 在最新視頻 Vicious Love 中更與Paramore Hayley Williams 一起以幽默風趣討論把愛人名字紋在自己身體的「刺青愛情觀」。很多人不知道其實 Hayley NGF結他手 Chad Gilbert 的未婚妻喔。此曲將收錄在樂隊於109日推出的最新專輯再版 Resurrection: Ascension

您亦可以在此閱讀 Dinosaur Journal 的<海外特集 2014>中 NewFound Glory 於芝加哥在只有9度氣溫之下的演出!

In their latest video “Vicious Love”, New Found Glory discussed the tattooed love hilariously. This new version also features Hayley Williams of Paramore, who is NGF’s guitarist Chad Gilbert’s fiance. The track will be included in Resurrection: Ascension, a reissue of the band’s latest album Resurrection.

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