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[PHOTO GALLERY] The Used X Survive Said The Prophets – Live in Hong Kong

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 [GIVEAWAY] New Found Glory 最新專輯 Resurrection CD

Hopeless Records 與 Dinosaur Journal 聯乘送贈送 New Found Glory 的最新專輯 Resurrection 給我們香港及台灣讀者 — 只有兩個步驟!點擊參與!

Hopeless Records is giving away free copy of New Found Glory’s latest album “Resurrection” to our readers – only 2 steps! CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

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Clockenflap 亦宣布今年的音樂節會於11月 27 至29 日於西九文化區舉行。( 閃靈 2014年於 Clockenflap‬表演時攝)

Clockenflap will be back on November 27-29 at West Kowloon Cultural District! (Photo:  CHTHONIC performed at Clockenflap 2014)

Clockcnflap 2014 Review 回顧文章

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[NEWS] Kurt Cobain New Album?!

Nirvana 的靈魂人物 Kurt Cobain 雖去世已久,但從未被人忘記。最近上映的傳記電影 Cobain: Montage of Heck 將於12月發布配樂專輯。導演 Brett Morgen 透露會把收集的錄音帶、自家錄音、零碎檔案材料等整合,成為 Kurt Cobain 的新專輯。他補充道:「這像是在炎夏與 Kurt 於他家鄉漫漫游走的記載。這將會非常驚喜。」

The soundtrack for Kurt Cobain biography Montage Of Heck will be released in December. Director Brett Morgen has revealed that the cassette tapes, home recordings, and other archival material will come together and be released as a new Kurt Cobain album. He adds “the record “will feel like you’re kind of hanging out with Kurt Cobain on a hot summer day in Olympia, Washington, as he fiddles about. It’s going to really surprise people.”

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[NEWS] Bruce Dickinson Makes Emergency Landing

眾所周知,上周才慶祝57歲生日的 Iron Maiden 主唱 Bruce Dickinson 擁有飛機師牌,昨天突然傳出下載飛行期間突然發現其 Fokker Triplane 飛機的燃油量過低,於是緊急降落在皇家空軍哈爾頓機場,成功避過危險。Bruce 真的在任何方面出眾過人。

Bruce Dickinson had just celebrated his 57th birthday last week. And yesterday, a scary incidence happened – Dickinson was flying his Fokker Triplane replica around when he noticed that it started to run low on fuel. So he decided to land in RAF Halton, because when Bruce Dickinson is amazing in everything!

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[NEWS] Spotify – Premium Only?

傳聞 Spotify 將限制免費服務?! 據 Digital Music News 所述,Spotify 極有可能轉變經營模式,把免費服務變為只限會員使用,免費用戶只可以聆聽每個專輯的少數曲目,更不容許試聽新曲!

According to Digital Music News, Spotify will soon be shifting towards a premium-only, ‘gated access’ model, according to several sources speaking in confidence. The decision will mean that certain releases will only be available to paying Spotify subscribers, or offered for an extremely limited time to non-paying users, according to preliminary details shared.

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[NEWS] Lamb of God Breaks Records

有留意早前分享的朋友都知道,我們對 Lamb of God 新專輯 VII: Strum Und Drang (意即 storm and stress) 抱極大期望。根據 Nielsen Music 統計所得,自上週推出以來成功打入主流美國專輯榜第三位,在搖滾專輯榜更達取得冠軍佳績,世界各地銷量亦報捷:在加拿大、澳洲、芬蘭和英國分別取得第一、二、三和七位!

According to Nielsen Music, Lamb of God scores their third No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart (dated Aug. 15) as VII: Strum Und Drang. The set, translated to “storm and stress” in German. The album also breaks into mainstream by stealing No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

Other than the US market, it also tops at No. 1 in Canada, No.2 in Australia, No. 3 in Finland and No.7 in UK.

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[NEWS] Devilment – Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero

金屬追隨者要注意喔!以 Cradle of Filth 主唱 Dani Filth 為首的另一樂團 Devilment 推出充滿詭異感覺的新音樂視頻 Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero。內容極具朋克哥特式馬戲團的感覺!Dani 介紹:「拍攝這個視頻的過程非常有趣,因為我們決定以混亂、復古、污穢幾個元素來製作,就像發現懷舊相機底片般,充滿迷幻後世界末日的意境。」

New music for metal followers! Devilment, featuring Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth, has a new music video for its song “Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero” and it’s pretty strange. It has this very steampunk gothic circus feeling to it.! Filth describes “It was enormous fun filming the video for ‘Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero‘ as it was decided that it would appear very chaotic, retro and dirty from an early stage, as if the discovered film stock had slightly perished with age, bringing with it a psychedelically lurid post-apocalyptic vision.”

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[NEWS] Coheed and Cambria New Album Cover

Coheed and Cambria 公佈出版的新專輯The Color Before The Sun 封面設計和曲目。封套以寧靜湖泊作背景,遭解構的房子向天空升起。

Coheed and Cambria have revealed the cover and track list for their forthcoming album, The Color Before The Sun due on October 9. The cover features a serene lake with a house disintegrating into the sky.

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[NEWS] Children Of Bodom – I Worship Chaos

(English below) Alexi 為新作被評為「更大眾」而感高興?Children Of Bodom 發布新視頻 I Worship Chaos。歌曲將收錄在10月2日推出的第九張同名專輯。主將 Alexi Laiho 說道:「對我來說, I Worship Chaos 比以前出版的專輯更沉重。不少人對我表示裏面的歌曲比舊作更流行,我亦為此感到高興!」

Children Of Bodom released lyric video for new track I Worship Chaos. The song is the title track for the band’s upcoming ninth album, due for release on October 2. Alexi Laiho says: “To me, it seems like I Worship Chaos has a lot darker vibe in it than the previous albums and so far everyone has told me that the songs are a lot catchier this time, which I’m definitely glad about.”

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[FLASHBACK] Saosin – 7 Years

因為結他手 Justin Shekoski 隨 The Used 來港演出,令大家再次憶起 Saosin。此曲是樂團最受歡迎的作品。也是原唱 Anthony Green 唯一參與的單曲。 (Anthony Green 與 Saosin 去年在美國的演出,回顧在此)

Justin Shekoski’s performance with The Used in Hong Kong leads you down the memory lane with Saosin. Do you know “Seven Years” is one of the most popular song from the band and is also the only single Anthony Green, the original vocalist, was involved. (Photo: Anthony Green performed with Saosin last year. Click here for full recap.)