[Live Review + Photography] The Used + Survive Said The Prophets – Live in Hong Kong

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“Because songs you listen to when you’re teens will influence you forever.”


Upon the emo revival movement, spokesman of the genre, The Used, also decide to storm cities they’ve never reached before with their irreplaceable anthems. This night, everyone in Hong Kong is screaming their lungs out as the noisemakers take your hand, pick you up and keep you there so you can see!

近幾年 Emo 似乎有復興跡象,此時此刻這流派的代表人物 The Used 也決定到未曾踏足的城市。在這期待已久的一夜,大家在香港跟著樂團尖叫著「Take your hand, pick your up, and keep you there so you can see!」

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Survive Said The Prophets – Live in Hong Kong


Before you step down the emo memory lane, Japanese rockers Survive Said The Prophets are there to set you into the mosh mode first. The band’s fan base continuous to grow in recent years with their extensive overseas and local tour . Their enthusiastic vocalist, Yosh Morita, showcases limitless power throughout the set, as if there’s a power bomb waiting to explode inside his throat. They also express gratefulness of sharing the same stage with their music hero, The Used. The cheerful grinning is solid evidence of their passion and devotion. Just when you think their intense set would have ended in a few songs, there’s more to come 90 minutes later…

在你踏上 Emo 回憶之前,日本獨立搖滾樂團 Survive Said The Prophets 先進埸為大家熱身。樂隊曾在香港演出,其追隨者亦因樂團近年密集的海外及本地巡演而日漸擴大。熱情的主唱 Yosh Morita 在整個演出展示了無比的爆炸。他們表示能夠與他們的音樂英雄 The Used 一同演出感到非常高興。臉上的燦爛笑容完全反映他們對音樂的熱情。當你以為他們的表演只有幾首歌曲,90分鐘後你會發現好戲在後喔⋯⋯

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The Used chooses to open with their debut album’s Maybe Memories, which is exactly what this night is about – no new tricks, no fresh tunes, just 90 minutes of emo nostalgia that allows you to revisit story of your youth. With almost 15 years of discography, it’s easy for the band to pick the most outstanding songs to dazzle their first-time audience. Straight down the set is Take It Away and The Bird and The Worm, representing different glorify era of The Used. “Take, take, take, take, take it away!” thunderous shout from the crowd.

The Used 挑選了首張專輯的 Maybe Memories 作開幕曲,完全概括了整晚的主題 —— 沒有花巧安排,沒有新鮮曲調,只有90分鐘的 Emo Memories,讓你重溫你的青春點滴。有着近15年的唱片目錄,樂隊很容易便能從中挑選最優秀的歌曲給首次捧場的觀眾作見面禮。緊接其後的 Take It Away 和 The Bird and The Worm 亦充份代表他們不同的光輝時期。全埸再次大合唱:「Take, take, take, take, take it away!」

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Having the chance to see The Used for the 4th time, from the mid-2000s Warped Tour days, festival performance, to the recent North American tour to promote their latest album, Imaginary Enemy, and finally in our hometown, we observe how time washes the teenage pride away and gradually turns them into spokesman of the generation.

曾觀賞過4次 The Used 參與的演出 —— 從2000年代中的 Warped Tour、他們事業中期的音樂節壓軸登場、最近宣傳最新專輯的 Imaginary Enemy北美巡演,最後十年後終於來港 —— 看到時間慢慢把他們的少年狂傲洗滌,更逐步變成八、九十後的搖滾/朋克代言人。

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Frontman Bert McCracken comes out brighter and more stunning than anytime before. He keeps the hype high throughout the show with lots of interaction with his sold-out crowd. McCracken seems have infinite energy as if he had taken 5 cans of RedBull and 3 shots of adrenaline. “In 10 days, I’ll be sober for 3 years. I haven;t touched alcohol for 3 years! I’ve been dealing with addition all of my life , but today, I tell you, it’s good to be alive!”

相比前幾次見面,主唱 Bert McCracken 今趟看來更精神,由頭到尾令觀眾情緒保持高漲,全程似乎有著無窮的能量,就像喝了十罐Redbull再加上三支腎上腺素注射般。 「還有十天,我便遠離酒精三年了!我一生不斷與癮症爭鬥,但今天,我可以跟你説,活著真好!」

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Speaking of pleasing their fans, Bert even invites a fan to come on stage with him and gives her a hug. That should have made every girls (and boys probably) jealous! And expected, they have also shared the mic with the fans to sing along and mosh vigorously.

說起與樂迷互動,Bert 在演出中段邀請女樂迷上台,最後更送上擁抱。相信這會讓在場每個女孩嫉妒(可能男孩子也充滿渴望喔)!與預期中一樣,樂團多次伸出麥克風鼓勵歌迷一同合唱、盡情在 Mosh Pit 嬉戲。

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This line up also features Saosin’s Justin Shekoski on guitar as the band’s original guitarist, Quinn Allman, taking a year-long leave. This also ignites another emo memory of the gig-goers.  Just when you think the atmosphere is hot enough to boil you down with continuous old anthems and occasional new hits, Bert McCracken sparks the room up with sweet, lip-to-lip kiss with each of his bandmate!

今次的陣容還有 Saosin 的 Justin Shekoski 負責結他部分,全因 Quinn Allman 決定暫時離隊一年。這也點燃了觀眾另一個 Emo 青葱回憶。樂團以一連串熟悉舊曲和偶爾新作爲氣氛正打得火熱時,Bert McCracken 決定親吻各成員,為現場增添火花!

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Time flies while you search your good old days. The show eventually ends with the usual encore of Rage Against The Machine’s mash up classic cover and A Box Full of Sharp Objects (with Smells Likes Teen Spirit outro), a song that Bert referred as “the greatest song we’ve ever written in their North America Tour”, with Survive Said The Prophets. It’s definitely an emotional night for all of the attendees. Stay emo.

當您慢慢回憶舊日美好時光,演唱會亦不知不覺步入尾聲。The Used 最終以慣常的 Rage Against The Machine 合曲和 Bert 在北美巡演中稱為「我們寫過最精彩的歌曲」的 A Box Full of Sharp Objects (以Nirvana的 Smells Likes Teen Spirit 作 outro),Survive Said The Prophets 更再次上台合唱。無可置疑,對到場觀眾來說,這絕對是充滿 Emotion 的晚上。一起繼續 Stay Emo 吧。

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – The Used +
Survive Said The Prophets – Live in Hong Kong

Maybe Memories
Take It Away
The Bird and the Worm
I Caught Fire
The Taste of Ink
All That I’ve Got
Buried Myself Alive
Blue and Yellow
The Best of Me
On My Own
Pretty Handsome Awkward

Killing in the Name / Bulls on Parade / Know Your Enemy (Rage Against the Machine cover)
A Box Full of Sharp Objects (Smells Like Teen Spirit outro)