[Live Review + Photography] DragonForce + Mary’s Blood – Live in Hong Kong

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FAST. PRECISE. MANIAC. Three perfect words to conclude power metal titans Dragonforce’s show in Hong Kong. Since nobody will have doubt in these British worriers’ technicality and live experience – so, what else will you expect from them?

快速。精準。瘋狂。三個完美的形容詞來總結力量金屬巨頭Dragonforce 在香港的演出。不管你是否他們的樂迷,相信沒有人會對其技術和現場演出存疑。那麼,他們的演出還有何亮點?

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Dragonforce + Mary’s Blood – Live in Hong Kong

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Irresistible Synth Beat

Dragonforce is always a band that you’ll either either love ’em or hate ’em, especially for their electronic synth layer. But this time as the band’s headline show, the crowd certainly take the synth as the best dance beat ever. New vocalist Marc Hudson’s high-pitched vocal also turns the tunes into a metal symphony for you to mosh along. Indeed, it’s more enjoyable than their former leader, ZP Theart’s somehow deep, soaring style.


Dragonforce 一向是令人愛恨交纏的樂隊,尤其是對他們的旋律骨幹,有些覺得它令人熱血沸騰,相反有的覺得過份重複,完全過了火。但此時此地作為 Dragonforce 的主場,加上新主唱 Marc Hudson 的高亢聲音,其金屬電音頓時化為將表演變成金屬交響曲,讓您在 Mosh Pit 起舞。事實上,Marc 比前主將 ZP Theart 的風格更令人受落,更多了一份新鮮感。

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Musicianship Showcase

With almost 20 years of collaboration shredding across the Globe, performing on stage is just their daily routine. The central platform becomes the point for musicianship showcase. Each member takes turn to have their own moment to shine – from guitar heros, Hong Kong’s beloved Herman Li, Sam Totman and Frédéric Leclercq, to the synth creator Vadim Pruzhanov and vocal power station Marc Hudson. No fighting for attention, just chill and play and accept the cheers. The mutual understanding brings out another kind of harmony, both visually and musically. Their cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire also ignites sparks in an unexpected way.


憑藉近20年的合作,密集式世界巡演,表演就是他們的日常工作。舞台中間的踏腳板成為展示音樂技術的擂台,每個成員各有獨佔鰲頭的時刻 —— 從香港的英雄 Herman Li,到 Sam Totman Frédéric Leclercq 的辛辣結他、把鍵琴玩得出神入化的 Vadim Pruzhanov 和澎湃的主唱 Marc Hudson,完全沒有競爭,只是個單純的 jamming session,一係享受觀眾的歡呼,當中的默在視覺和音樂上帶來了另一種和諧。樂團在現場重新演繹 Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire 亦帶來不少火花。

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Metal Pilgrimage

While Hudson was leading the crowd to sing along with his thigh stretched and long blonde hair flying in the air, everyone in the crowd raise their fist, scream along and move their bodies like worshiping along with the priest, with speedy guitar and blasting drum beat as background hymn.


Marc 壓腿高舉咪高峰,金色長髮隨風飄揚,像牧師帶領觀眾一起和唱。所有人舉高自己的拳頭叫喊,隨著快速結他和爆破鼓聲的讚歌而跳動。

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Warm Greeting

The band shows incredible warm welcoming to the Hong Kong audience. Warm smiles, responding to individual fan who is screaming their name out, inviting the crowd to sing along, showcasing variety of technical trick – throwing drumsticks, flipping guitar, tongue-picking, plucking, hammering, crowd-surfing, etc – you can simply see any tricks you can think of. However, nothing can compare to Herman Li’s funny, cordial greeting in Cantonese, including how his bandmates love Asian culture (and girls).


樂隊熱情迎接香港觀眾,逐一回應尖叫他們名字樂迷,邀請觀眾一起唱,展示各種器樂技術訣竅 —— 高拋鼓掍、返轉結他、舌頭、plucking hammering 各種彈撥技巧、crowd-surfing 等等 —— 總之你想看到的,他們都會把你的願望實現。然而,沒有什麼能與 Herman 的廣東話溫馨問候更有趣,他更提及其他成員上中愛亞洲文化 (和亞洲女孩)

MB 1 Marys Blood 1

Japanese Power – Mary’s Blood

Speaking of Asian culture, Dragonforce  has brought Japan’s all-female band Mary’s Blood with them in this tour. None of the audience of not falling in love with these powerful, young cuties. If you think they are just another Babymetal, you’re totally wrong. These girls play their own instruments, write their own materials and not overly rely on the anime dance moves. Check them out if you missed the girls’ set, you’ll be enchanted.

日本力量 – Mary’s Blood

說到亞洲文化,Dragonforce 帶來日本全女子樂隊 Mary’s Blood 參與這次巡演。現場無一不愛上這幾個充滿活力的少女。如果你以爲他們只是另一個Babymetal,那你完全錯誤!她們彈奏自己的樂器,寫自己的音樂而非全倚賴那些動漫舞蹈動作。如果你錯過了此演出,試試聆聽她們的音樂吧。您必定會迷上 Mary’s Blood

Dragonforce 3 Dragonforce 4

Welcome back again, Dragonforce ! This band still bring out lots of energy in live. (Yes, maximum overload!) It’s always a mesmerizing chance to refresh all the glorify moments, from Valley of the Damned to Maximum Overload, in 120 minutes.

Welcome back Dragonforce!樂隊多年後在現場仍然發放出無限能量,正如他們新專輯的名字 —— maximum overload!回憶過去黃金時刻總是令人感動,這120分鐘從 Valley of the Damned 走到 Maximum Overload,希望大家都盡興吧。

Photo: Marjorie L.

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Dragonforce + Mary’s Blood – Live in Hong Kong

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