[Live Review + Photography] While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong

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Coming back to Hong Kong for the second time, While She Sleeps continue their flame from last year’s performance at Heart Town Festival Hong Kong Station to this year’s own headline show, bigger, louder, faster, stronger!

連續第二年再次來港,While She Sleeps 延續去年在<山海屯音樂節香港站>的火焰,今年以樂團名義載譽歸來,誓要以更大、更響、更快、更強的演出震撼你心!

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Because of the huge success with their last Asia tour, the tattooed screamer Loz Taylor and co. easily score Hong Kong fans’ hearts as if it is their homecoming show. The set is relatively short but luckily still tightly packed with old hits like Death Toll, False Freedom, Seven Hills and of course, the powerful recent release Four Walls, Brainwashed and Our Legacy.

由於上一次亞洲之行取得無比成功,赤裸上身的紋身主唱 Loz Taylor 與隊友輕鬆取得香港歌迷的心,彷彿這是他們光榮回鄉的演唱會。今次歌單相對較短,但幸好仍緊緊擠滿了耳熟能詳的舊曲 Death TollFalse Freedom Seven Hills 等,當然少不了最近發布、獲得廣泛讚許的 Four WallsBrainwashed Our Legacy

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Many have complained WSS’s set in Heart Town Festival was merely enough for them to taste their insanity, so this time the fans quickly switch to mosh mode and let the moment slip away. No warm up, no bullshit. The band follow their usual intimate take in this show as well – leaning towards the crowd, reaching out to their fans, sharing the mic for singalong, jumping into the crowd and shredding in the sweat-soaked crowd’s embrace and of course, Taylor’s signature free fall and flesh-to-flesh crowdsurf!

很多人去年抱怨 WSS 的<山海屯>表演太短,僅僅足以讓他們品嚐瘋狂的滋味,亦可能是這個原因,這次樂迷迅速切換到 Mosh 模式,不讓分秒機會流走。不需熱身,更不需多餘的廢話。樂隊今趟繼續依照一貫的作風 —— 倚着觀眾獻技、與樂迷再零距離接觸、分享咪高風合唱、跳進觀眾群在汗水中彈奏,當然有 Taylor 的簽名式高台躍下和 Crowdsurf

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While She Sleep’s anthemic, emotion-filed deathcore / metalcore proclamation have outweighed many of their genre mates, which also explains why there’s a mist of sentiment flowing through the vigorous pit. The melancholic dissatisfaction between the searing scream and underlying melody becomes the driving force of the young teens, who share the undeniable feelings towards life and worldview, to mosh along.

While She Sleeps 在撰寫充滿赤裸情緒的歌頌式 Deathcore /金屬核音樂上很容易壓倒同一流派的樂團,這也解釋了為何在場內激烈的 Mosh Pit 中有一絲情感流的霧氣流動。灼熱叫喊與旋律基底之間潛藏的憂鬱不滿訊息成為年少觀眾的推動力,一起在音樂中分享對生活束縛和傳統世界觀的控訴。


In While She Sleeps’ highly-rated new album, Brainwashed, they step up their writing skills and further refine their atmospheric composition play. The band decide to extend this epic, in-your-face energy to this live performance. There was no shortage of power or traces of exhaustion; the apocalyptic darkness is transformed into frantic fire crashing everyone’s hearts. They certainly take no prisoners to keep up with the hype. Whenever the fans slow down, they’d quickly fill up the tank to ensure the circle pit is running strong.

While She Sleeps 受高度評價的新專輯 Brainwashed,整體寫作水平提高,在創作充滿戲劇性的作曲上更有高水準的發揮。樂隊能夠把這史詩般的能量擴大至現場演出中。全程沒有出現疲態,相反越戰越勇,把歌曲中的末日黑暗轉化為現場各人心中的火焰。他們決心全讓氣氛緩和下來,每當歌迷反應稍有放緩跡象,便迅速給力,確保 Circle Pit 持續下去。



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Despite the set is shorter than expected, While She Sleeps are able to carry the torch from the ground-breaking This Is The Six to this year’s Brainwashed. Their headline performance shows their proficiency in controlling the crowd’s reaction and the overall live rhythm. This time, WSS successfully turns their ambitious move into a winning showcase.

儘管今次演唱會比預期的短,While She Sleeps 可算成功在現場演出中把 This Is The Six 的年少輕狂帶到今年突破性的 Brainwashed。他們是次獨攬大旗的演出表現控制觀眾反應和整體現場節奏的能力。這一次,WSS 展示以野心轉化為成功的典範。

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong