[Live Review + Photography] Death Certificate HK – Children of Bodom + Carcass + Gyze + Evocation

death certificate

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Death Certificate –  4 bands, 4 countries, 1 night in Hong Kong to celebrate the spirit of extreme metal. The lineup consists Hong Kong’s very own Evocation, Japanese independent metal act  Gyze, British’s grindcore pioneers Carcass and Finnish melodic death metal titians Children of Bodom. This night is no doubt a mosh or die celebration for metalheads in Hong Kong.

Death Certificate 死亡證明」 ——  四個樂隊,來自四個國家,這晚決定一同於香港歌頌極端金屬精神。陣容包括香港的招魂,日本獨立金屬樂團 Gyze,英國 Grindcore 先驅 Carcass 和芬蘭旋死金屬表表姐 Children of Bodom。對香港金屬追隨者來說,這無疑是 Mosh Or Die 的一夜。

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Children of Bodom + Carcass + Gyze + Evocation

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As Evocation bringing down the curtain, audience is ready for a 4-hour long mosh pit. The stage is occupied by Chinese funeral tools, shrine and decorations as if it’s a ritual inviting you to join their party in Hell. This band has always been our local favorite – never spend a second on bullshit to fool around but always put on a top-notch performance. Vocalist Tomy Chiu expresses his gracefulness of sharing the same stage with headliners Carcass and Children of Bodom, and having audience coming on time to catch their early set. It’s a disappointment that it consists only 5 songs – that’s even shorter than a regular festival set! And dear fellows who’s reading this, if you skip the opening acts, you may miss the gem. Salute to the local power!

Evocation 招魂首先拉開帷幕,觀眾準備好進入4小時的 Mosh Pit。一如以往,該舞台擺放着中國殯葬用具、神壇和裝飾品,有如一個傳統儀式,邀請你加入他們的地獄派對。Evocation 一直是我們十分喜愛的本地樂團,從來沒有多餘說話,只有令人讚嘆的表現。主音 Tomy Chiu 表達對有幸與CarcassChildren of Bodom 同台演出,亦多次感謝觀眾準時到場給他們支持。令人失望的是 Evocation 僅演奏五首歌曲,比普通音樂節更短!親愛的讀者們,如果你經常延遲進場,你很可能錯過高質的樂團。向本地力量致敬!

Gyze 1 Gyze 2

Japan’s visual / death metal group Gyze take the torch to keep the pit moving with their steady, decent melodic death metal tunes. The band has developed a growing fan base here with their previous Hong Kong / Taiwan tours. They even held a special pre-show event the night before Death Certificate to let their old fans enjoy an early eargasm and new fans to preview what to expect in their set. They have tried their best to showcase their proficient skills – and their body gestures tell you they want your cheers – but the extremely dark stage almost prevent audience from appreciating any finger movements, which seems to be something Gyze want you to notice.

緊隨其後由充滿視覺影子的日本獨立死亡金屬樂團 Gyze 接棒,以穩定流𣈱的旋律死亡金屬音樂使 Mosh Pit 繼續亢奮。因近年的香港/台灣之旅,樂團在此的樂迷數目逐漸增多,他們更特別在 Death Certificate 活動前一晚舉行預演,讓昔日樂迷提早來個聽覺享受,同時新觀眾也可預覽 Gyze 的力量。就現場所見,樂團很盡力展示他們的熟練技術,甚至連其肢體語言也告訴你:「我們要你的歡呼!」可惜在燈光極其貧乏的舞台上,相信沒有太多觀眾能欣賞到成員任何的彈撥動作。

Carcass 1 Carcass 2 Carcass 3

Hands down to one of the best metal gig in Hong Kong this year! As the night falls, Carcass, British’s grindcore / melodic death metal pioneer, push the night to the peak. After almost 10 years on hiatus, the band came back with new material, Surgical Steel, in 2013, and a series of live dates and festival performance to make a triumphant return. This absolutely flawless set is tight, moving and is able to convey complex emotion via deep, enduring death metal songs. Drum is steady and guitar is sleek. There is no competition for speed or technicality but a brutal harmony between instrument. Any real metal followers would appreciate this solid force. Even if it’s the first time you heard about Carcass, you’d be smashed by the live version of Heartwork and Corporal Jigsore Quandary during their encore. The band also show indescribable mutual understanding between members, which greatly elevates the show as a whole.

Carcass 4 Carcass 6 Carcass 7 Carcass 8

準備好沒有!接下來可能是今年在香港最棒的金屬演出!隨著夜幕降臨,英國 Grindcore / 旋死金屬先驅 Carcass 把全晚氣氛推至高峰。休息十多年後,樂團在2013年以新作 Surgical Steel 和一連串現場和音樂節演出作凱旋回歸。這絕對是一個完美的表演,非常緊湊,令人動容,更能通過深厚、持久的死亡金屬歌曲傳達複雜的情感。穩定的鼓聲與利落的結他互相輝影,而不是速度或技術性的競爭。任何真正的金屬追隨者都必定會欣賞這個堅實的力量。即使這是你第一次遇上 Carcass,你也必定會被現場版本的 Heartwork Corporal Jigsore Quandary 馴服。樂隊成員之間有着難以言表的默契,大大提升了整體的氣勢。


It is 11 p.m. and here comes Children of Bodom to wrap up the night. It seems like the set is cut short as it only lasts for 40 minutes. Still, it is enough to promote some of their latest work in I Worship Chaos with their anthemic ones like Are You Dead Yet? and In Your Face. Coming back for the second time in 2 years, there’s not much to expect to be seen. You always know what to expect in a COB show – polished stage presence, proficient instrumental presentation and expansive metal songs. This night is again a smooth set from these Finnish metallers that will make your bodies move as your eyes got caught by Laiho’s fingers flying over the fretboard.


已到晚上11時,Children of Bodom 終於開始演出,但全長僅持續40分鐘。幸而也足夠讓他們宣傳最新專輯 I Worship Chaos 內的新曲,也有機會重新演繹名作 Are You Dead Yet? In Your Face 等。在兩年來第二次來港演出,說着實沒有什麼太大的期望。COB 的演出總是有着流暢的舞台表現,熟練的技術戰士和多元的金屬歌曲。這一夜無可置疑又是另一個順利的演出,能讓你的身體舞動,眼睛被Alexi Laiho 在指板上飛舞的手指吸引着。

We believe everyone there has had a blast in this 4-hour metal event. Until next time, Hong Kong metalheads.


Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Children of Bodom + Carcass + Gyze + Evocation