[Live Review + Photography] Behemoth – Live in Hong Kong

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Beware! Here comes the superstar of black metal – Behemoth! This night is like a ceremony for all the dark souls and heavy hearts. Blood, brutalness, fire – you’re going to get what you could have imagined!

當心!黑金屬超級巨頭 Behemoth 終於降臨!這夜就像是洗滌所有黑暗靈魂和沉重心靈的儀式 —— 血腥!殘暴!火焰!總之你所期望的樂團定會把它一一實現。

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In a hot summer night, brainchild Nergal is bringing his resounding performance to Hong Kong after his tough battle with leukemia. The ghost-faced team enter the stage slowly, step by step as if they are some kind of possessed spirits arising from the unknown. Nergal raises the fire torches above his head with cross arms which puts everyone in silence like a scared ritual. The light turns down again and now, the Satan-worshipping night officially begins.

樂團主腦 Nergal 年前證實患上白血病,幸好於13年成功戰勝死神。想不到在今年一個炎熱的夏夜,Behemoth 更決定首次來港表演。繪上魔鬼妝容的成員像神秘亡魂慢慢地踏上舞台。Nergal 交叉雙手舉起火炬,在場人士一片沉默,全程有如使人畏懼的儀式。燈光再次熄掉,象徵撒旦崇拜之夜正式開始。

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Despite of the ghost makeup, heavy blast and brutal notes, Behemoth indeed show an unbelievable friendly gesture to their Hong Kong fans. They constantly invite fans to sing along, play around and free themselves into the darkness void. Close your eyes and feel the heat, from the fire Nergal just lights up, from the sweat-soaked mosh pit and from the tension in the leash of the overpowering black metal work of art.

儘管骷顱化妝、低沉擊鼓和殘暴配樂使人對 Behemoth 產生不寒而慄之感,但樂團在現場對香港歌迷卻展示令人意想不到的友好姿態,更多次主動邀請歌迷合唱。閉上眼睛,一同步進虛無的黑暗意念空間 —— Nergal 燃燒的火把、汗水滲透的 Mosh Pit、黑金藝術的張力 ——  讓熾熱之感在血液中流動。

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The Polish metalheads injects the divinity into your vine with anthems like “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, “Conquer All” and “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”. Shouting out loud with deep, harsh tone is the best way to echo the energy liberated. Behemoth never fall short of striking visual elements. As the night approaching to the middle of the set, there is blood welling out the band members’ mouth, putting crimson marks on their pure white face. The continuous music on the background is like a voice mumbling “I want your soul…”

這個波蘭金屬巨頭演繹 Blow Your Trumpets GabrielConquer All Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 等多首名作,把歌曲背後的神聖意義注入你耳朵。深沉、高聲的叫喊是釋放創作中深層能量的最佳方式。Behemoth 永遠不乏誇張的視覺元素,在中段時候,樂隊成員吐出「鮮血」,深紅的痕跡留在其蒼白的臉上直到演出完結,背景重複的鼓聲及和絃就像喃喃魔咒:「我要你的靈魂⋯⋯」

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Overall there’s not much fierce stage movement throughout the show, but each member still tries to rotate their positions. Everything from tempo to vocal and stage presence to fans interaction, is steady and weighty. The band put on yet another signature costume, a Darth Vader-like robe and Monster headpiece, covering themselves from head to toe, bringing out their last evil’s hymn, “O Father O Satan O Sun!”, off their latest studio album “Satanist”.

總體而言樂團在整個演出沒有太大動作,未知與舞台大小或 Nergal 的健康問題是否有關,但每個成員仍嘗試交換站立位置以滿足不同角度的觀眾。是次演出無論是節奏、聲樂、舞台表現、與樂迷互動等,均充滿力量,非常到位。在安歌部份,Behemoth 換上標誌式、有如黑武士般的長袍和妖獸頭套,把全身從頭到腳以黑布遮蓋並帶來最後一曲、新專輯 Satanist 中的 O Father O Satan O Sun! 完結這充滿邪氣的晚上。

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This night, the shadow leaves behind is going to engulf your brain, with every minor details dissolving in your blood,  it’s going to stay in your memory until the break of dawn.


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P.S. Anyone noticing that awesome fathering bringing his young boys to see Behemoth at the front line? Parenting done right!

附:你們注意到有男樂迷帶同兩個小男孩站在台前來看 Behemoth 嗎?這就是家庭教育的好例子喔!

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Behemoth – Live in Hong Kong