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作為年度最受期待的音樂盛事,今年踏入第九年的 Clockenflap 音樂節,今年決定把更多國際演出單位帶來香港,陣容更大、更瘋狂,更多完化。三天的活動又結束了,相信大家都帶著酸痛的腿和痛苦的「後演唱會症後群」回到工作間。在等待明年的來臨同時,我們特意挑選了每天最精彩的演出單位,再次重溫這個美好的周末。

Clockenflap is always the most-anticipated music event of the year. Entering the 9th year of bringing international A-list artists to Hong Kong, the lineup is getting bigger, crazier and more diverse than ever. Now, the festival is over and everyone is back to work with sore legs and painful post-gig symptoms. While waiting for next year to come, we have picked the best sets from each day to revisit this wonderful weekend.

★        ★        ★        ★        ★


dr-1 dr-2

首晚壓軸演出的 Damien Rice 用極細膩的獨立搖滾樂曲贏盡整晚掌聲。歌單涵蓋了所有的代表作,如 The Blower’s DaughterCannonball、當然少不了 9 CrimesDamien 是音樂節中唯一以個人樂隊登場,但毫無疑問在短短60分鐘內便帶出內在的能量和情感。這是個說明單單一個人使能夠駕馭巨大舞台的完美例子 —— 晴朗的夜空,美麗的海景,漂亮的音樂,你好算是一個完美的周五晚上!

ride-2 ride-1

另一個必須留意的隊伍絕對是從英國牛津來的 Shoegaze大師 Ride。樂隊成立於88年成立,但決定在96年解散。儘管以RIDE名義的音樂生涯很短,他們所發行的作品已成為此音樂類型的經典。這無疑是本年最令人期待和意想不到的驚喜!

lp-1 lp-4

日本流行搖滾樂團 Love Psychedelico (ラブ·サイケデリコ) 也是另一個令人讚嘆的表演樂團。香港人對日本文化和音樂的不容置疑,LP將是當中其中一個最受本地樂迷歡迎的團隊。這顯示了 Clockenflap 今年展示其多完化和「音樂無邊界」的決心,再次穩固作為香港最大音樂節的地位。


Headliner Damien Rice takes over the night with his immensely heart-arching indie rock tunes. The set covers all the essential hits like “The Blower’s Daughter,” “Cannonball,” and of course, the irreplaceable anthem “9 Crimes.” Rice is the only one-man-band headline act of the festival, but there’s no short of energy and passion in the 60-minute set. This is a perfect example of how one man can take over a huge stage – clear sky, beautiful harbour, sensational music. What more can you ask for on a Friday night?

ride-3 ride-4

Another must-see act is definitely the Shoegaze masters Ride from Oxford, UK. The band was formed in 1988 and unfortunately disbanded in 1996. Despite of the short life span of the band, their releases have become classics in the genre. This is no doubt the most anticipated and unexpected act of the year!

lp-2 lp-3

Japanese’s very own Love Psychedelico (ラブ・サイケデリコ )also takes over the stage effortlessly. Hong Kong always have huge love for Japanese culture and music. For sure this is one of the best choice Clockenflap has made this year to show its diversity and “music without boundary” as Hong Kong’s biggest music festival.

★        ★        ★        ★        ★


ratatat-2 ratatat-4

當晚較早時間有紐約二人組 Ratatat 為大家熱身。他們憑着簡單的鼓陣、結他和合成器,混出令人興奮的搖滾舞曲。紅黃舞台燈光把二人從頭到腳洗滌,台上霧霾漸升,與光合併,整個感覺非常精彩。熱情的我為也向舞台報以無盡的歡呼聲!儘管只有兩個人在舞台上,Ratatat 絕對能以強烈的獨立搖滾音樂壓到舞台!

ewf-2 ewf-3

對於經典金曲和Disco音樂樂迷,在第二天主舞台上的 Earth, Wind & Fire 可說是頂級的演出樂團。旋轉的水晶球、閃光燈、艷麗舞蹈員、精彩樂手和旁邊美麗的維多利亞港夜景下,即使一個完美的夜晚! FantasySeptemberBoogie Wonderland —— 所有你記得的歌曲,這晚都可以在現場聽到!




對於Brit Pop 歌迷來說,The Libertines 的重組(和香港站演出)是今年最好的消息! Pete Doherty Carl Barât 仍然是完美的音樂伙伴,從第一首歌到最後一首都引來全場大合唱 —— Time For HeroesDon’t Look Back Into the SunCan’t Stand Me Now…… 這是一個大型的 Brit Pop 慶祝派對!

angel-haze-3 angel-haze-1

如果你喜愛嘻哈音樂,我們強烈推薦來自底特律的說唱女孩 Angel Haze 給你。她用強而有力、發人深省的歌詞展示無盡的能量。她還邀請了台下觀眾一起加入舞台上的迷你派對。


另一個主舞台有紐約市土生土長的 A$AP Rocky!舞台上放滿了懷舊道具、衣着Retro的舞者和其他Rapper在台上穿插,在散播滿天的金色紙屑下,令人目不暇給,為你帶來一個美式餐廳派對!

ratatat-3 ratatat-1

Earlier of the night, there’s Brooklyn noisemakers Ratatat who brings a dance-ready, sensation set with drums, guitar and synthesizer. Red/yellow light wash the duo from head to toe while the haze riseup and merges with the light. The furious crowd also pour their endless cheers towards the stage – THEY ARE ON FIRE! Despite there are only two people on stage, Ratatat definitely takes over the stage with their stage presence and of course, their intense indie rock tunes!


For classic and disco music fans, Earth, Wind & Fire at the main stage is the top act to catch at Day 2. Dance along with the spinning disco ball, flashing lights, nostalgic dance hits, next to the beautiful Victoria Harbour under the clear sky. This is the night we call as PERFECT! “Fantasy”, “September”, “Boogie Wonderland” – all the hits you can name of can be heard this night!

12308132_497807723714264_6273619232930355000_o 12279171_497807710380932_5717361948300649560_n

Whilst for brit pop fans, The Libertines’ reunion (and coming to Hong Kong) is the best news of the year! Pete Doherty and Carl Barât are still the perfect music collaboration. From first song to last is filled with thunderous singalong — “Time For Heroes”, “Don’t Look Back Into the Sun”, “Can’t Stand Me Now”… — the list goes on as you can imagine. This is a celebration of the Brit Pop golden days!

angel-haze-4 angel-haze-2

If you’re into hip-hop, we highly recommend Angel Haze to you, the female rapper from Detroit showcases endless energy with her powerful and thought-provoking lyrics. She also invites the crowd to join the little on-stage mini party.


On the other hand, there’s New York City’s very own A$AP Rocky! The stage is filled with promnent retro props, dancers, models, rappers and other musicians under the falling confetti! It’s just another block party in the American Diner!

★        ★        ★        ★        ★

nile-1 nile-3


隨著音樂節踏入最後一天,主辦繼續把懷舊氣氛帶回來。首先有結他之神和Disco之皇 Nile Rodgers!他是繼13年與 CHIC 的表演後再度回到 Clockenflap 主舞台,與CHIC Nile 一起 Get The Funk Up

no-2 no-1

第三天還有一個從英國來的傳奇樂隊 —— New Order!從1980年起,New Order 便成為英倫音樂界不可取替的名字。35年後的今天,他們終於把經典 Low-LifeBrotherhoodSubstance 等專輯內的名曲快來香港,讓你幾乎流下感動的眼淚。後朋克在這個美好晚上再次活起來。



Clockenflap 這夜亦把音樂帶到更重型的一面。在Your Mum舞台上,有本地的硬核老將 King Ly Chee,他們永遠能帶出街頭文化的核心。 KLC在過去15年來在香港和東南亞致力推廣硬核文化,亦是當中的重要力量。這是宣傳本地地下搖滾力量的最佳時機! 

otb-3 otb-4

這舞台的火炬最後由 Obey The Brave 接力 —— OTB 2011年加拿大蒙特利爾成立,以硬核朋克為音樂主軸。這是他們第二次來港,但亦是首次在本地音樂節亮相!作為任何硬核朋克現場傳統,不論舞台設置和地點,樂手總是享受與觀眾進行近距離交流,充滿活力和熱情!


嘻哈樂迷不要失望,第三天還有Blackalicious,來自加州薩克拉門託的嘻哈二人組。他們憑堅實的曲調,在過去21年在音樂界獲得垂青。沒有複雜的舞台設置,也沒有特別的音樂效果,只有兩人和令人渾身是勁的嘻哈組曲。最後一起邊跳舞,邊跟今年的 Clockenflap 說再見。See You In 2016


The nostalgic atmosphere continues as the festival stepped into the final day. First, there’s guitar god and disco king Nile Rodgers returning to the Clockenflap main stage after his performance in 2013 with CHIC. Get the funk up because CHIC & Nile Rodgers are here!

no-3 no-4

Day 3 also have a legendary band coming all the way from UK – New Order is an irreplaceable name since 1980. 35 years later, they still bring out all your tears with classics off Low-Life, Brotherhood, Substance… and all the hits you can name of. Post-punk comes alive again in this wonderful night.


Clockenflap also bring the night to the heavier side. At the Your Mum stage, there’s our local hardcore veterans King ly Chee who always bring out the core of the street culture. KLC has been the major force of promoting hardcore culture in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia over the last 15 years, this is the perfect time to spread our underground local power!

otb-2 otb-1

The torch is passed to Obey The Brave, the hardcore punk outfits hailing from Montreal, Canada since 2011. This is the second time for them to be in Hong Kong, yet is still their first festival appearance here! As tradition of any hardcore punk gigs, regardless of the stage setting, the musician always prefer to have intimate communicational exchange with their audience. They crowd is vigorous and the band is furious!


Yes, hip hop fans, there’s still something for you on Day 3 – Blackalicious, the Sacramento-bcased hip-hop duo is famous for their down-to-earth, solid tunes in there 21-year career. No gimmick, no fancy setting, just two rappers and some good-quality hip hop production. Time to dance the night away and say goodbye to Clockenflap 2015.

See you all next year!

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