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Sleek, powerful, elegant – three words to summarise Epica’s debut concert in Hong Kong. The band have toured around Southeast Asia in the past years but never made a stop in our city. And finally, the band is here for the first time on March 23.

流暢,強勁,優雅 —— 這三個詞語用來總括 Epica 的香港演唱會就最適合不過。樂隊在過去幾年曾到東南亞地區作巡演,但卻從沒有在我們的城市停留。終於,在今年的323日,樂隊決定首次踏足香港演出。

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Opening with “Originem” as intro, Epica’s gentleman first step onto the stage to accept cheering from the crowd. But of course, you know everyone is the room is waiting for Simone Simons the metal goddess to descend. The band kick off the show officially with their 2014 release “The Second Stone” and “The Essence of Silence”.

當晚以 Originem 作為開幕前奏,Epica 的男孩們首先走上舞台,接受觀眾的歡呼。不過,大家也心裏有數,在場的所有人都在等待金屬女神 Simone Simons 正式降臨的一刻。樂隊其後以2014年發布的 The Second Stone The Essence of Silence 正式為演唱會揭幕。

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The sixtet look extremely excited to receive such warm welcomes and fill the stage fully with their irresistible energy. They offer everything you expect to see – killer solo, duo shredding, trio crossover, exquisite instruments, heart-warming smiles, intimate integration, flawless vocals, etc. Your eyes simply do not know where and why to look at, because very second, there are something not to be missed!

六人台上看來非常興奮,觀眾也表現得極度雀躍。樂團以不可抗拒的力量完全攝震舞台。您可以看到所有期望的片段 —— 無敵獨奏、結他二重奏、誇器樂交流、完美唱功、特色樂器、完美唱功令人窩心的微笑、與觀眾近距離交流等。你的眼睛根本不知道該放在哪裡,因為每秒也有不容錯過的地方!

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Having too many musicians playing on stage may sometimes cause problem of overwhelming the vocal parts. And thank god it does’t cause a problem in this concert – the smooth classical-inspired vocal by Simone Simons and beasty, death growls by Mark Jansen sound like angle and devil raging in your head. The sonic layerings project a visual imagery of a Middle Earth battlefield.

有時太多的演奏樂器的成員在台上,可能會導致蓋過聲樂部分的問題。可幸這次演唱會並沒有出現這個意外,著實令人滿意,可知道 Epica 是以聲樂來見稱喔。Simone Simons 平穩的古典聲音與 Mark Jansen 的死亡嘶哮互相輝影,像天使與魔鬼範圍在你腦海中角力似的,聲音層次投影彷彿投映出中土戰場的視覺圖像。

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The setlist has no shortage of Epica’s recent works such as “Chemical Insomnia” and “Unchained Utopia” to classics from hits like “Sensorium“ and of course, the metal anthem “Cry For The Moon”, which extends with an incredible drum solo in live, off their critically-acclaimed album The Phantom Agony.

Epica 的演出曲目有近期作品如 Chemical Insomnia Unchained Utopia,當然少不了受好評的專輯 The Phantom Agon 中代表作 Sensorium 及金屬經典 Cry For The Moon,樂團更即席配上精彩的鼓擊獨奏延伸。

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Epica has been known for their splendid technique on genre-mixing and elevate all sub-genres as a whole.

“Dream will come true if you keep on living.” Mark Jensen told the crowd.

The band have been referencing to historical and cultural events in their lyrics which makes it very philosophical in recording; whilst when presenting their music in live, it becomes a pure sonic appreciation which has given another dimension to their creation. Thank you Epica for an electrifying night and brings out the elegance of extreme metal.

Epica 以混合流派的高超技術而見稱,任何種類的音樂在他們手上都會有所提升,成為獨一無二的個體。

Mark Jensen 在演出中跟觀眾說:「若果你努力生活下去,夢想便會成真。 (Dream will come true if you keep on living.)

樂隊的歌詞經常圍繞科學、宗教和世界觀,充滿哲理成份。在現場展示音樂的時候,樂團把音樂帶到一個純聲樂的層面。感謝 Epica 帶來一個令人讚嘆的晚上,帶出極端金屬的優雅風采。

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Epica – Live in Hong Kong