[Features + Giveaway] American Hi Fi – 無敵朋克力量 Invincible Pop Punk Power

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Spring is approaching and everything is bright again. It’s the perfect time to put on some upbeat music filled with good vibe. And today, we’re going to bring back some of your 2000s favourite tunes from the pop punk veterans, American Hi-Fi.

Being in the scene for almost 20 years, the band has tried out different ways to express their pursuit in music. And in 2016, American Hi-Fi is back with a reinterpretation of their self-titled debut “American Hi-Fi Acoustic” (out on April 29 via Rude Records.) Teenage angst between the lines is now filled by adulthood, fatherhood and emotions of looking back at the reckless days.

春意漸近,令人再次充滿力量。這個時候最適合就是配上些輕鬆歡快的音樂慶祝一下。今天,我們想跟你重新介紹流行2000年代朋克中堅分子 —— American Hi-Fi,從不同角度回顧當年令人琅琅上口的經典。

在音樂圈打滾接近20年,樂隊嘗試以不同方式來表達自己對音樂的追求。來到2016年, American Hi-Fi 決定回到原點,重新演繹其首張同名專輯,並命名為 American Hi-Fi Acoustic (429日經 Rude Records 出版)。歌詞中字裡行間的年少焦慮漸漸滲透複雜的成年關係、成為父親的責任和回望輕狂歲月的情感。

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American Hi Fi Poster

Rude Records 將會送出 American Hi-Fi 空運到港的2014年專輯 Blood & Lemonade 給我們的讀者 — 只有兩個步驟!

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Flavor Of The Weak

“Her boyfriend, he don’t know / anything about her
He’s too stoned, Nintendo / I wish that i could make her see
She’s just the flavor of the weak”

American Hi-Fi started out in Boston as a pop punk group in 1998. Unlike many independent bands who slowly build up their fan base, the pop punkers got straight to the top of music chart with their debut self-titled album. “Flavor of the Weak” has become one of the most popular tune and most-sung anthem in the pop punk community.

If you are a pop punk follower, this song has sure been part of your favourite summer memory.

American Hi-Fi 1998年於波士頓成軍,以流行朋克作音樂主軸。與許多獨立樂隊不同,他們不用花太多時間來慢慢吸納追隨者,憑首張同名專輯便旋即打進音樂排行榜。Flavor of the Weak 更成為流行朋克界最流行的曲調之一。

如果你是一個 Pop Punk 追隨者,這首歌一定是你夏日回憶的一部分。

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The Art Of Losing

“Hey ho let’s go, I’m gonna start a riot /
You don’t wanna fight it / One two fuck you
Don’t tell me what to do / I don’t wanna be like you!”

Despite of the subsequent label and lineup changes, American Hi-Fi try their best to keep their passion alive. Staying in a major label, moving on to an independent record company, appearing in a Hollywood movie, putting out their new work on their own, and eventually finding their home at yet another indie label Rude Records has ben a long journey for American Hi-Fi as well as their die hard fans. Nonetheless, the band didn’t failed to produce unforgettable hits like “The Art Of Losing”, “The Geeks Get the Girls”  and “The Break Up Song”, successfully secures their niche in the American popular culture.

儘管在成功後接踵而來在唱片公司和陣容上有很多變化,American Hi-Fi 仍不減對音樂的熱情。由跨國唱片公司、到獨立音樂廠牌、出現在荷李活電影、自資出版新作、最終以另一個獨立廠牌 Rude Records 為家,無論對樂團和死忠樂迷來說也是一個漫長的旅程。儘管如此,American Hi-Fi 沒有卻步,相返一次又一次創作令人難忘的作品,如 The Art Of LosingThe Geeks Get the Girls The Break Up Song 等等,成功保留在美國流行文化的地位。

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Another Perfect Day

“I still believe it when you say / it’s another perfect day
Today i don’t know why / I thought that it was real
But i guess it’s no big deal”

In 2016, American Hi-Fi decides to remake their self-titled debut album in acoustic to revisit the wild old days with a different mentality. The idea of the project was born when frontman Stacy Jones was joined by long time friend Kay Hanley, who’s also Jones’ handmade in his other band Letters to Cleo, to replay “‘Another Perfect Day” in acoustic and that becomes the foundation of this new album.

今年 American Hi-Fi 決定以不插電方式、用不同角度重新審視首張同名專輯。其實這個計劃是在隨心之下誕生。有天主唱 Stacy Jones 與其所屬另一樂團 Letters To Cleo 的隊友 (也是其兒時玩伴) Kay Hanley 用木結他隨意合奏AHF 的經典 Another Perfect Day,而那就成為這張新專輯的基礎了。

Jones explained in an interview, “We thought about it for a minute and decided it sounded fun! It was most definitely a challenge. Translating big guitar, riffy rock music to an acoustic form can be difficult. Part of the reason we agreed to do it is that we like to be tested.”

Stacy 在專訪中解釋說:「我們想了一分鐘,覺得這個聲音非常有趣!這絕對是一大挑戰!把大聲的即興搖滾結他音樂轉化成不插電是非常困難的。我們答應作這個專輯部分原因也就是想測試一下結果會是如何。」

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