[Live Review + Photography] Drowning Pool – Live in Hong Kong

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Let the bodies hit the floor! – A line that was widespread through the contemporary rock community in the 2001 has made Drowning Pool outweighed their genre-mates in the 2000s.

Let the bodies hit the floor! —— 一句在2001年搖滾界無人不識的歌詞,使 Drowning Pool 在二千年代成功壓倒同一流派對手,成為當年炙手可熱的樂團。

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Despite of the frequent change in the vocalist position, including the tragic death of the original singer Dave Williams who was found dead in 2002 because of heart disease, the band didn’t failed to produce a number of hits that becomes irreplaceable anthems to the 2000s nu-metal / heavy metal scene, ranging from “One Finger and a Fist” off their 2013 album, Resilience, to their debut album “Sinner” anthem “Bodies”.

雖然主唱位置多次轉換,包括在2002年因心臟病突然去世的原主唱 Dave Williams,樂團仍不斷保持創作,出版多首在二千年代 Nu-Metal 和重型搖滾界無可取代的歌曲,如13年專輯 Resilience 中的 One Finger and a Fist,當然少不了首張專輯 Sinner Bodies

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On a night with pouring rain, the band is here in Hong Kong for the first time to show you they are more than just about “Bodies.” This time Drowning Pool comes in the team of founding members C.J. Pierce, Stevie Benton, Mike Luce and vocalist for their last two albums, Jasen Moreno.

The show kicks off with some pre-recorded music box classic tunes. The crowd claps along as the band  walks through the case onto the stage. It was nonetheless a perfect intro because, even Drowning Pool has put out new records every 2, 3 years, you know this is going to be a night full of nostalgic emotions and golden memories. And simply, this melody becomes the music to start the time traveling journey of the next 1.5 hours.

在瓢潑大雨的晚上,樂隊首次到港演出,向你證明他們除了Bodies外,還有很多被低估的地方。今次 Drowning Pool 的陣容包括創團成員 C.J. PierceStevie BentonMike Luce 和負責最近兩張專輯的主唱 Jasen Moreno

這次現場以預先錄製的音樂盒經典歌曲揭開序幕,樂隊在觀眾着拍子鼓掌之下踏上舞台。這無疑是一個完美的前奏 —— 即使 Drowning Pool 每隔兩三年便會推出新作品,但他們的聲音仍然是接近2000年代的流行金屬,而這晚大家仍是抱著懷舊情緒而來 —— 而以下這個半小時的音樂時光之旅亦由這個天真的音樂開始,把你帶回年青時候。

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The crazy night officially begins with “Drop”, “Push” and “We Are The Devil” off their new album Hellelujah punctuated with classic like “Sinner” after the  dreamy (and a bit crappy) intro. The band fire out the heavy metal tune like cannons one after one with no rests. Drowning Pool still brings out the nu-metal-fused, millennium years’ signature sound. Compared to the Drowning Pool in the Ryan McCombs’ era when we had caught their live, the band seems to play with ease and great enjoyment on their side, too. Instead of trying too hard to please, they choose to invite heir fans for one great party to celebrate the long-awaited night.

Drowning Pool 的歌單以新專輯 Hellelujah 中的 DropPush We Are The Devil 開始,中間穿插了首張專輯 Sinner 中的經典之作,歌曲之間以開場的夢幻 (帶點詭異) 的音樂盒節奏連接。樂團在毫無歇息之下向觀眾像大砲般發放一首又一首重金屬調子。如早前所說,他們的聲音還是帶出強烈 Nu-Metal 感覺,整個場景流著千禧年的標誌性聲音。相比當日在 Ryan McCombs 時代欣賞 Drowning Pool 現場演出的時候,樂隊今次似乎更輕鬆、更享受在台上的點滴,絶不過於賣力討好,全晚就像與樂迷一起參與期待已久的金屬派對般,不論台上台下也充滿笑聲。

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Of course, this night is not shortage of their triumphant anthems such as “One Finger And A Fist”, “Tear Away”, “Pity” and “Feel Like I Do”. “The more you drink, the better we sound!” frontman Jasen Moreno encourages the crowd to drink harder and party harder!

In “Tear Away”, Drowning Pool asked their Hong Kong fans to raise their fists and lighters (i.e. smartphone flash in the modern equivalent) as it goes “I don’t care about anyone else around me” in deep vocal. The room is immediately filled with heavy hearts and teary eyes.

當然除了新曲外,這夜亦不乏多年累積下來的經典如 One Finger And A FistTear AwayPity Feel Like I Do 等。 主唱 Jasen Moreno 大叫:「你們喝酒越多,我們越長得起勁我們越唱得起勁鼓!」就是 Drink Harder And Party Harder 喔!

在演奏 Tear Away 的中段, Drowning Pool 叫香港的樂迷高舉自己的拳頭和打火機 (可是現在人們只有在手機閃燈而已),深沉的歌聲亦除之而加入「I don’t care about anyone else around me……」場內迅即被沉重的心和淚眼佔據。

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The band decides to push the night to the peak when they ends with irreplaceable classic “Bodies” by inviting fans and the opening act, our local alternative rock outfits Sexy Hammer, to join them on stage for the last 5 minutes. Below the stage, the floor was shaking as if it was back to 2001 when nu-metal and heavy metal took the world by storm.

當樂隊終於奏起經典之作的 Bodies 時,全場氣氛達到頂峰,在演出末段更邀請樂迷和作暖埸嘉賓的本地獨立搖滾樂團 Sexy Hammer 一同到台上邊唱邊跳。台下地面亦因 Mosh Pit 震盪得搖晃,一刻間彷彿回到被 Nu Metal 和重金屬完全佔據的2001年。

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Drowning Pool – Live in Hong Kong