[Live Review + Photography] Nightwish – Live in Hong Kong

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As one of the leading force in symphonic metal, Nightwish never fails to produce powerful yet elegant music throughout their 20-year career. This month, the Finnish metallers are back to Hong Kong with their new vocalist Floor Jansen for a sensational performance at KITEC.

作為其中一個交響金屬力量的領導者,Nightwish 20年的職業生涯中,從不間斷推出強大而優雅的音樂。雖然這歌芬蘭樂團曾多次來港演出,但卻是首次帶同新主唱 Floor Jansen 與香港樂迷見面。

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This is one of the few sold-out metal show in Hong Kong, in other words, this is seen as a big night to the metal community in town. Despite Nightwish is full of talented musicians, the band’s female classical vocal has been a highlight of their music. However, the change of vocal position does not seem to slow them down, on the contrary, that has pushed them to another peak in their musical journey. Having the chance to see all three eras leaded by three vocalist in the last 10 year, we can say the band’s new vocalist, Floor Jansen, is the missing golden piece of the puzzle.

這是香港少有滿座的金屬演唱會,換句話說,這晚可算是金屬樂迷的一個年度重點活動。儘管 Nightwish 各人也是頂尖樂手,可是樂隊的古典女聲一向是他們的音樂亮點。在過去幾年女主唱人選經多次轉換,但似乎沒有使樂團停下腳步,相反把他們推上音樂旅程上另一個高峰。小編有幸在過去十年欣賞到 Nightwish 三個不同時代的演出,我們可以說,新主唱 Floor Jansen 是樂團失去的一塊砌圖,現在終於成了一個完整畫面!

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Opening with “Shudder Before The Beautiful” and “Yours Is An Empty Hope” off their latest record “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, the rockers immediately set the crowd on fire. It is filled with clapping, cheering, and thunder-like singalong regardless these are the band’s newer materials. The monologue of Shudder Before – “The deepest solace lies in understanding // This ancient unseen stream // A shudder before the beautiful” – makes a perfect introduction to Nightwish’s fantasy world.

樂團當晚以去年出版的最新專輯 Endless Forms Most Beautiful 中的 Shudder Before The Beautiful Yours Is An Empty Hope 作起首,雖然這是較新的作品,但亦旋即令樂迷進入瘋狂狀態,全場充滿掌聲、歡呼聲,和雷鳴般的全場大合唱。Shudder Before 的曲前獨白 —— The deepest solace lies in understanding // This ancient unseen stream // A shudder before the beautiful —— 完美的把你帶進 Nightwish 的幻想世界。

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A smooth transition to “Ever Dream” easily takes you on trip down memory lane. The band knows this classic still wins thousands of hearts in the venue. Jansen reinterprets the Tarja-era tune with her thicker, solid vocal style which sounds perfect in live. Her stage presence also makes her an impeccable candidate to fill in the spot. The inviting gesture to their fans, bright smile with a bit of hidden mystery, strong character, the move and the headbang – she is the kind of vocalist that will definitely leave an impression in your mind.

音樂流暢地過到至 Ever Dream,輕易地帶你遊走十多年前的美好回憶中。樂隊獻然知道這經典依然贏得在場數千個樂迷的心。Floor 以她實厚的演唱風格新演繹 Tarja 時代的這首歌曲,聽起來非常完美。她的舞台表現也證明她是主唱位置的首選 —— 對樂迷溫馨的姿態、燦爛又帶著幾分神秘的笑容,獨特性格的表現、舞台動作,甚至不留力的 headbang —— 她是那種在演唱會過後仍會在你心中留下深刻印象的表演者。

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Band leader Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist / vocalist Marco Hietala and Emppu Vuorinen do have their solid fanbase in the crowd. The harsh, deep male vocal punctuates the high female clean vocal like an angel-devil dialogue. The seamless juxtaposition of instrumental melody forms an harmonic backbone to the complex vocal layers. The sleek linkage between songs with instrumental interlude or spoken words turns the concert into one metal opera, showcasing the finest work of Nightwish entirely. Without a doubt, the band is still at the top of their game.

樂隊領導者 Tuomas Holopainen、結他手/主唱 Marco Hietala Emppu Vuorinen 各自在觀眾群𥚃有很大的粉絲群。低沉力竭的男聲與古典高音女聲就像天使魔鬼對唱,各種器樂旋律的無縫交接成為複雜聲樂層的骨幹。以古典樂章或獨白連接不同歌曲的流暢編排使演唱會成為一個完整的金屬歌劇,把 Nightwish 的最優秀一面完全展示。毫無疑問,樂隊仍然在他們的音樂巔峰。

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The setlist mostly features their latter works with a few irreplaceable classics like “Nemo”, and one of Nightwish’s hidden gem, “While Your Lips Are Still Red”, which only diehards know and adore. No matter which era that turns you into a Nightwish fan, this enchanted night must have fulfilled your desire. Having said that, an encore session would have made this perfect!

今次的歌單以 Nightwish 中後期作品為多,但也加入早期經典如 Nemo 等,更有驚喜的 While Your Lips Are Still Red,這曲一直為死忠樂迷鐘愛。不管你是在哪個時代開始愛上 Nightwish,相信這晚都會令你盡興而歸。當然,如果有 Encore 部分就會更完美吧!

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Nightwish – Live in Hong Kong