[Live Review + Photography] Asking Alexandria – Live in Hong Kong

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Vocalist change is always a challenge to any bands with an existing fanbase. There must be an unavoidable debate between the diehards of the original vocalist and those who are loyal to the band as a whole and are willing to accept the new age. For Asking Alexandria, it seems the lineup change has marked a new era in their music career. The band is here for the first time on April 19 for their debut performance and this is what happens.

對任何一個已有固定粉絲群的樂團來說,主唱位置的變動總是一個巨大挑戰。原主唱的死忠派和持開放態度、視改變為新時代的樂迷必定有不可避免的爭論。對 Asking Alexandria 而言,陣容變化似乎標誌著其音樂生涯的新開始,樂隊更於419日帶同新主唱 Denis Stoff 於香港進行首次演出。

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As one of the most highly-anticipated metalcore show in town, the venue is filled with young fans dressed in the black Asking Alexandria tee long before the show begins. This night, the organiser has invited Flesh Juicer from Taiwan and Her Name In Blood from Japan as the opening acts. Both bands have a growing fanbase in Hong Kong because of their previous headline shows in town so it’s an easy task for them to boost the crowd into “mosh-mode” with their furious deathcore / metalcore songs. Having the chance to see them in Hong Kong and Taiwan before, it’s obvious both acts have grown so much, no matter it’s their stage presence or the skill to master their own creations. If you’re interested in Asian core music, have a listen, you won’t be let down.


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作為城中備受期待的金屬核活動之一,會場很早便被穿著黑色 Asking Alexandria 上衣的年輕樂迷佔據。主辦方在當晚更邀請來自台灣的血肉果汁機 (Flesh Juicer) 和日本的 Her Name In Blood 作䁔埸嘉賓。因兩個樂團在港均曾舉行專場或在大型音樂節中演出,香港觀眾對他們不會感到太過陌生。他們亦很輕鬆便能以其憤怒的死核、金屬核歌曲使在場朋友們進入 Mosh Mode。當年小編曾在香港和台灣參與血肉果汁機和 HNIB 的現場,很明顯在兩、三年之間,不管是舞台表現,還是駕馭自己的創作,兩個隊伍均成長了不少。如果你對亞洲的死核和金屬核音樂有興趣,他們必定不會讓你失望。

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90 minutes passes by and the headline of the night is finally here! Asking Alexandria steps on the stage as leaded by new vocalist, Denis Stoff. The waves prove the band still owns their Hong Kong fans’ hearts, or may have scored extra more because of Stoff’s outlook. The band has a way to keep the crowd moving restlessly during the whole set – from older works like “Not The American Average” and “A Prophecy” to Stoff’s recent debut singles “I Won’t Give In” and title track “The Black”.

90分鐘過去,當晚的壓軸終於登場!Asking Alexandria 在新主唱 Denis Stoff 帶領之下步上舞台,現場歡呼聲證明樂隊雖有成員變動,但仍深得本港樂迷支持,甚至可能因 Denis 的加入而擴大了觀眾類型。現場群眾全晚不停 Headbang 和舞動 —— 從舊作如 Not The American AverageA Prophecy,到 Denis 加入後推出的首張單曲 I Won’t Give In 及專輯同名主打歌 The Black 等均引起全場大合唱。

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Band leader Ben Bruce and co. keep charging up the crowd with their triumphant hits to make sure they continue to mosh along. It looks like Asking Alexandria has gained back the confidence after all the highs and lows. They expressed in an interview last year that before Stoff became a permanent member, they had been through a dark time full of struggles. And this night, it proves Stoff is their missing piece. Their live feels more furious and their new album, The Black, has retrieved the sound of their earlier works which has defined who Asking Alexandria is know for.

樂隊領導者 Ben Bruce 和隊友在歌單新作間以其為人熟悉的早期經典分隔,不停給樂迷充電,確保他們 Mosh 不停,看來 Asking Alexandria 在經歷一連串高低起伏後已真正尋回信心。他們在去年訪問中曾表示,Denis 成為正式成員前曾經過一個黑暗時期,在音樂方向上有不少掙扎。而這晚證明 Denis 正是他們蛻變中缺少的一部分。他們的現場演出感覺更有生氣,新專輯 The Black 亦滲有 Asking Alexandria 早期作品的聲音。

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Having said that, the set is relatively short as a headline show which only consists 12 songs including encore, although it have covered all the hits you want to hear. Luckily they are able to keep up with the hype and turns it into one intense performance. No doubt it’s an celebratory night to the metalcore fans. If you’re into youthful, energetic music full of scream and catchy beats, be aware because Asking Alexandria is back in the game.

這次整體歌單較短,包括 Encore 部分只有共12首歌曲。話雖如此,全晚氣氛尚算緊湊,亦涵蓋了你希望聽到的大熱作品。毫無疑問,這可算是香港金屬核樂迷的派對。如果你喜歡充滿青春活力、叫喊的音樂和流行節奏,你必要留意新一代的 Asking Alexandria

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Asking Alexandria – Live in Hong Kong