[Summer Features / Exclusive Interview] Emarosa – 覺醒 The Awakening


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Emarosa — 覺醒 The Awakening

“It was an awakening of seeing our potential and reaching for it,” Bradley Walden, Emarosa.

喜歡金屬核和後硬核的樂迷必定不會對 Emarosa 這個名字感到陌生。踏上成軍的第十個年頭,樂團正式進入新階段,同時決定推出新專輯,把所有新意念集結起來,向您展示Emarosa 的另一面。我們很高興有機會跟主唱 Bradley Walden 坐下來,談談他的創意之旅和樂隊的日常點滴。

Emarosa is no stranger in the post-hardcore and metalcore community. As the band celebrates their 10th anniversary and enters a brand new phrase, they decide to put out a new record to show you what Emarosa is about. We are excited to have the opportunity to talk to frontman, Bradley Walden, on his creative journey and everything in between.



Dinosaur Journal: 你們終於在本月發布新專輯131了!那你其實想通過這個作品與歌迷分享什麼?

Bradley Walden: 我認為這個專輯會帶出,不論是作為音樂人或個人層面上,成長和蛻變的記錄。無論樂迷抑或是樂隊均會有此歷程 ; 這是我們想製作了的音樂,是個大無畏的專輯。

Dinosaur Journal: So you guys will release of the new album “131” in July! What do you want to communicate with your fans via this album?

Bradley Walden: I think this record shows a great deal of growth and evolution of this band as musicians and people. Fans grow as bands do and this is a very fearless record in showing that we are unapologetically making the music we want.


Dinosaur Journal: 新作將會是 Emarosa 的第四張專輯。在創作新作時,你們是先訂下一個中心主題,抑或是在過程中隨感覺游走?

Bradley Walden: 在寫作時,我一直傾向隨心而行,順其自然。我傾向先譜旋律,然後文字便會慢慢浮現,就似潛意識替我抒寫連自己也不知道怎樣道出的事物。

特別推介 : Helpless可說是 Emarosa 專輯中我們最喜愛的一曲 。視頻中展示很攝人的舞蹈動作,以表達一段「Helpless」關係的心神思想。Bradley 解釋:「這首歌曲代表了我們在這個專輯中走得最遠的作品,不是我個人最喜愛的創作,就像要召喚我內心的 Michael Jackson 般。」

Dinosaur Journal:  Your new record will be Emarosa’s fourth full-length album. When working on new materials, do you always have a central theme to work around, or just go with the flow and depends on what you come up with along the process?

Bradley Walden: With writing, I always seem to go with the flow and write what feels natural. I tend to write melodically first and let the words write themselves. I feel like it’s my subconscious writing what I don’t know how to say yet.

DJ’s Pick: “Helpless” is one of our favorite song in 313. The video features sensational choreography describing a helpless state of mind in a relationship. Walden explains, “This is a song we’ve wanted to release for a long time. It shows some of the farthest reaches we went after on this record. It’s an a absolute favorite and I really wanted to summon my inner Michael Jackson for this one.”



Dinosaur Journal: 那麼你的音樂靈感來源是什麼?作為一個樂團,你又有何希望達到?

Bradley Walden: 有時候,一個人所知道的就是保持創意,通過音樂表達自己。在我生命中的這一點,我選擇了創作 —— 因為它是我唯一認知的,也是達到平和快樂生活的途徑。而作為樂團,我們希望一直保持成長和進步。

Dinosaur Journal: What’s your primary inspiration to create music and what do you want to achieve as a band?

Bradley Walden: Sometimes all a person knows is being creative and expressing themselves through music. At this point in my life, I create because it’s all I know and I want to sustain a happy and peaceful life while doing that. The goal is always to grow and improve.


Art vs. Business

Dinosaur Journal: 作為一個正在冒起的樂團,你有何短期和長期的目標?

Bradley Walden: 對我來說並沒有所謂短期或長期的目標。我以創作音樂來幫助處理生活中經歷的一切。由視自己的藝術為商業活動的一刻開始,你已經失去了真正的目的。當然這是個夢想,但最終目標還是創造。

Dinosaur Journal: What’s your short-term and long-term goal?

Bradley Walden: There are no short term or long term goals to me. I make music to help go through things in life that I need to go through. Once you start treating your art as a business you’ve lost the real purpose. There are obvious dreams and such but the goal is to create.


Dinosaur Journal: 你為什麼選擇 Cloud 9 作為第一首與歌迷分享的歌曲?內裡有何深意?

Bradley Walden: 把專輯交到 Hopeless Records 手上時,我們表示覺得每首歌也是單曲,因此他們可以自由安排推出歌曲的次序。Cloud 9 的信息非常簡單 —— Better 做得更好。除了你自己,沒有人可以讓你成為更好的人。

Dinosaur Journal: Why do you pick “Cloud 9” as the first song to share with your fans? What does the song mean?

Bradley Walden: When we handed the record to Hopeless, we told them every song was a single and they could do with it what they liked. ‘Cloud 9’ is a very simple message to be better. No one can make you a better person but yourself.


Dinosaur Journal: 你可以告訴我們新團隊合作上的火花嘛?

Bradley Walden: 我覺得這個樂團擺脫了很多之前沉重的枷鎖。看到隊中各人的潛力可說是一個覺醒。這可算是 Emarosa 出道至今最強大的表現。

Dinosaur Journal: Can you tell us the spark of the new collaborative force?

Bradley Walden: I think this band got rid of a lot of dead weight. It was an awakening of seeing our potential and reaching for it. This is the strongest this band has ever been.

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