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[GIG NEWS] Slipknot – Live in Taiwan

Slipknot 台北演唱會海報~ 地點在較遠的五股區,但相信不會是個大問題吧!記得早點出發哦!有不少香港樂迷留言希望樂團也會到港演出!

Taiwan concert poster revealed!  —— lots of Hong Kong fans expressed their desires for a HK Stop in this tour!

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[GIG REMINDER] Suicide Silence – Live in Hong Kong 2016

Suicide Silence本週再次襲港!現在當然是溫書時間 —— Sacred Words 是由 Eddie Hermida 領軍下推出的專輯 You Can’t Stop Me 內的作品,視頻更集結了樂團的現場演出片段,讓你率先感受他們的力量!14年欣賞過樂團演出的朋友定會認同 Eddie 的實力 。提提大家同場更會有本地死核精英 Massacre Of Mothman,巧合他們兩年前也曾作SS的暖場嘉賓!

Suicide Silence is back to Hong Kong THIS WEEK! While you’re counting down to the show, let’s take a few minutes to revisit their song list —— “Sacred Words” is taken from You Can’t Stop Me, first album after Eddie Hermida became Suicide Silence. You can see the furious live clips in the video below. Our local deathcore veterans Massacre Of Mothman will also share the same stage at Hidden Agenda. (They also opened for Suicide Silence’s gig in 2014!)

Suicide Silence – Live in Hong Kong
Supporting Band 暖場樂團: Massacre Of Mothman
Date 日期: 23 August 2016
Time 時間: 8:30pm
Venue 地點: Hidden Agenda
Ticket 票價: $300(Advance) / $350(Door) at Ticketflap.com

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[NEWS] R.I.P. Architects Guitarist Tom Searle

Architects 結他手 Tom Searle 今天敗在與皮膚癌長期抗爭,最終在28歲逝世。早在2013年,他被確診患上皮膚癌,更要把一部份小腿切除。手術一個月後他被確定已完全康復,但樂團今天表示,其實過去三年Tom一直與癌症抗戰。(圖片在14年山海屯音樂節時攝 📸: @mohawkmajorie)

你知道其實 Architects 歌曲 C.A.N.C.E.R. 是關於Tom與癌症搏鬥有關。他在訪談中提到:「我在確診皮膚癌後,切除小腿部分後撰寫此曲。當時在想『為什麼這會發生在人身上?』」樂團的最新專輯 All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us 在今年五月上市。你可在上面連結閱讀 Architects 整個聲明 。各個樂團亦紛紛表示哀悼,包括曾一起巡演的 While She Sleeps 等,更有 Parkway Drive 樂迷在他們的現場演出中舉起「Tom Searle R.I.P.」的紙牌。

Architects guitarist Tom Searle passed away after a long battle with cancer at 28. He was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in 2013 and had removed part of his lower leg. A month later, he was given the all-clear but today, the band expressed that he had been living with cancer for the past three years. (📸: @mohawkmajorie at Heart Town Festival 2014)

Architects’ song “C.A.N.C.E.R.” is about his battle with cancer – He told HMV.com in an interview: “I wrote it after I found out that I had melanoma, skin cancer on my leg, I had surgery to remove it and I wrote it after I’d had it removed. I thought ‘What do people do in these situations?'”The band’s most recent album ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ was released in May this year. Read the band’s full statement above. Many bands and fans around the world had paid tribute to Tom in their own way. R.I.P. Tom. You will be missed.

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[NEWS] Jimmy Eat World – Get Right

早前分享過有些2000年代的Emo樂團其實也不停的推出新音樂。當中Jimmy Eat World 便是一個好例子,繼2013年的Damage後,他們首次出版新作,名為 Get Right,更公開給樂迷下載

Earlier last week, we have discussed some bands in the 2000s scene remain very active all these years. Jimmy Eat World is one of them – after 2013’s Damage, the band finally release new song and video “Get Right.” The song is available for free download  here (legally!)

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[NEWS] Sum 41 – War – “A place for a funeral for my past”

Sum 41 發布了另一個音樂錄影帶 War,視頻在加洲沙漠停泊舊飛機的儲存庫拍攝,主將 Deryck Whibley 翻閱過去的事物 —— 日記、繪畫、衣服、結他、啤酒空瓶等 —— 讓過去與舊物一起燃燒。主將 Deryck Whibley 說:「飛機墜代表他挫敗的過去,而飛機倉庫象徵舊日的我作的一個葬禮。」

歌曲也會收錄在10月推出的專輯13 Voices。

Sum 41 have released another music video “War”, from the upcoming album 13 Voices, out October 7. The video shows the band performing in the middle of a California desert in an airplane graveyard. Singer Deryck Whibley, uncovers reminders of his past – a journal, old drawing, t-shirt, guitar, and empty bottle of alcohol in the wreckage – and burns them along with his past life. Whibley says that the crash site represents how he “crashed and burned” and that the graveyard was “a place for a funeral for my past.”

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[NEWS] Taking Back Sunday – You Can’t Look Back

Taking Back Sunday 推出新專輯 Tidal Waves 內第二首單曲視頻 You Can’t Look Back,但要到9月16日才能聽到整個LP。視頻由華麗的鏡頭影像構成,樂隊成員和朋友們的圍著營火,之後主唱Adam Lazzara發生預料不到的事情。關於這張專輯——聲音與樂團舊有風格有所不同,早前介紹的第一首單曲 Tidal Waves 完全沒有以前的Emo感覺,反而有點 The Clash 的影子。 結他手 John Nolan 說:「我覺得由撰寫上個專輯Happiness Is…至推出後得到正面回應,大大鼓勵我們在這張專輯採取更放膽嘗試!」**記得留意我們專頁,將會有更多關於Taking Back Sunday的獨家更新!

Taking Back Sunday unleash “You Can’t Look Back”, the second single and video from their seventh album Tidal Wave, out on September 16. “You Can’t Look Back” is a gorgeously shot but viscerally-charged video of the band and their friends gathered around a campfire, when something happens wholly unexpectedly to vocalist Adam Lazzara. The sound of the album expands the band’s old palette, especially evident on the album’s lead-off single and title track which channels The Clash both sonically and energetically. “I think this idea of making songs that we wrote for ourselves started with Happiness Is… and since the reaction to that album was so positive it really encouraged us to take that a step further with this album,” guitarist John Nolan explains.

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[NEWS] Korn – Insane

Korn 首播演新的視頻Insane,歌曲收錄在10月21日發布的專輯The Serenity Of Suffering內。他們將其描述為「可怕的驗屍相片」或「親愛的人的遺照 (Momento Mori) 」般。

Korn premiered new video “Insane” taken from upcoming album The Serenity Of Suffering, set to release on October 21. They described it as “a ghastly take on post-mortem photography or ‘momento mori,’ the practice of preserving loved ones after death with images.”

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[NEWS] Metallica – Album Teaser + “Moth Into Flame”

繼上週推出新視頻Hardwired 作新專輯<Hardwired…To Self Destruct>宣傳第一波後,Metallica 今天上載專輯的預告,在片段2:00更首次分享另一新曲Moth Into Flame!

After releasing a brand new video “Hardwired” last week, Metallica shares a teaser of their upcoming full-length album, Hardwired…To Self Destruct, with a section of another new song, “Moth Into Flame” (slide to 2:00)

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[NEWS] Yellowcard – The Hurt Is Gone


相信大家也記得 Yellowcard 宣布會於9月30日發布最後一張專輯及進行告別巡演。樂隊繼早前分享的Rest In Peace (瀏覽已超過過百萬次!),再推出新視頻The Hurt Is Gone。樂隊介紹:「The Hurt Is Gone 主題是關於在成長路上,無論多麼痛苦,必須把握機會和接受變化。這就如是我們作為樂隊的一面鏡子,因為他們決定改變,為自己人生下一頁做好準備。正如當中的歌詞 —— Change comes for you even if you’re hiding out / So wake to this truth and maybe you’ll believe me now。」

Yellowcard announced they will release their final album on September 30 and have their farewell world tour. The band just dropped the new video “The Hurt Is Gone” – the follow-up to “Rest In Peace” which has racked up nearly one million views on Youtube since its debut one month ago.

“The Hurt Is Gone” is thematically about taking chances and accepting change in order to grow, no matter how painful. The theme mirrors the position in which the band is themselves, as they get ready for the next step in their own lives (“Change comes for you even if you’re hiding out / So wake to this truth and maybe you’ll believe me now”).

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【2000s REVIVAL】The Used – Buried Myself Alive

正式開始未來幾星期的【2000年代音樂回顧】專題。其中每天會介紹一首當日的流行舊作,我們特意挑選了 The Used 的 Buried Myself Alive!此曲為樂隊2003年推出的同名專輯的第三個單曲,從此成為他們其中一首在現場演奏得最多的歌曲。視頻片段可見各成員被困在不同地方,喻意歌曲中不可逃出的關係。

Let’s officially kick off our “2000s Music Feature”! In the upcoming few weeks, we will revisit one classic a day to take you down the memory lane of the 2000s scene. We have picked The Used’s “Buried Myself Alive” for your pleasure —— The song is the third single from the band’s self-titled debut album out in 2003. It remains as one of the most frequent song they performed in live shows. In the video, each member is trapped in an inescapable enclosure, as a metaphor of being buried alive in a relationship.

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【2000s REVIVAL 回顧專題】Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue

Yellowcard 於2004年推出 Ocean Avenue,作為與歌曲同名的專輯第二首單曲。其實歌名和歌詞中的「Ocean Avenue」和「Cherry Street」是真正存在的街道。樂團上月宣布在推出下個專輯和世界巡迴演唱會後會正式解散。

Yellowcard premiered the now pop-punk classic video of “Ocean Avenue” in 2004. The song is the second single from the album of the same name. Song title “Ocean Avenue” and lyrics “Cherry Street” refer to the actual streets in the band’s hometown Jacksonville, Florida. Yellowcard released disband announcement last month —— the upcoming album and world tour will be the last farewell.

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【2000s REVIVAL 回顧專題】Underoath – Reinventing Your Exit

Underoath 於2004年推出 Reinventing Your Exit,並收錄在他們第四張專輯 They Are Chasing For Safety 內。樂團在最初被形容為「基督後硬核」,但他們澄清:「基督教是我們生活中的基礎,尤其是在處理某些事情上,但說不等於所有的歌詞也是建基在信仰上。不是每一首歌曲都是由聖經取得靈感。很多時候靈感來自生活中的掙扎而已。」雖然 Underoath 已經解散,在今年後期會舉行幾場小型的重組演出。

“Reinventing Your Exit” is the lead single off Underoath’s 4th album, They Are Chasing For Safety, released in 2004. The band was initially labelled as “Christian post-hardcore”, but later they explained, “Christianity is the “backbone of our lives, especially in the way that we handle certain things, but it’s not so much the backbone of our lyrics. It’s not like every song is a lesson from the Bible or something. It’s just normal life struggles” The band have announced a few reunion shows this Fall.

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【2000s REVIVAL 回顧專題】The Ataris – In This Diary

Pop Punk 樂迷必懂的! In This Diary 一向是跟夏日 (和暑假) 說再見的主題曲 —— The Ataris 在2003年2月推出 In The Diary,作為他們第四張專輯 So Long, Astoria 的首支單曲。專輯內重新演繹 Don Henley 名曲的 The Boys of Summer 成為樂團音樂生涯中最著名的歌曲。

“Here in this diary // I write you visions of my summer”

“In This Diary” is always the perfect song to say goodbye to the summer (holiday) —— The Ataris released “In The Diary” in February 2003 as the lead single from their fourth album So Long, Astoria. It becomes one of their most well-known song, alongside the cover of their hit cover song, “The Boys of Summer”, originally recorded by Don Henley.

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[FLASHBACK] Marilyn Manson On Acceptance And Life

儘管 Marilyn Manson 經常以「血惺」作賣點,但事實上也只是個普通人。他曾說:「我害怕變成我憎恨的人。我害怕失敗,怕失去控制。我喜歡在混亂和控制中尋找平衡點。我一直害怕在路上迷失或因失去一切而感到迷失。而我更害怕變成被社會完全接受的人!」 .

Mr. Manson to teach us a life lesson – “I fear being like everyone I hate, I fear failure, I fear losing control. I love balancing between chaos and control with everything I do. I always have a fear of going one way or another, getting lost in something, or losing everything to get lost in. And I fear being a completely acceptable sheep in society.”