[Live Review + Photography] Suicide Silence – Live in Hong Kong

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來自加州的 deathcore 名團 Suicide Silence 今年再次到訪香港,作為其亞洲之旅的一部分。與2014年的演出比較,這次樂隊選擇了較小型的場地,與樂迷互動零隔膜,當然氣氛也變得更瘋狂!

Hailing from Riverside, California, the deathcore outfits are coming back to Hong Kong for the second time as part of their Asia Tour 2016! This time the band offer something different – smaller venue, denser crowd and even crazier madness!

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這幾年證明了,Suicide Silence 在一切高低起跌過後,再次站穩腳步,Eddie Hermida 接替因摩托車意外去世的原主唱Mitch Lucker 不知不覺間已有兩年,似乎已被新舊樂迷所認同,正式帶領樂團進入新時代。在2014年首次到港時,Eddie 剛剛加入SS沒多久,與其他成員在仍在磨合階段,因此現場演出時帶來多變的可能性。兩年時間過去,樂團以新陣容發行了一起創作的專輯 You Can’t Stop Me 及到全球各地巡演 ; 在這個夏夜,他們帶來一個更堅實、正面的演出。樂團再次五為一體。

After all the highs and lows, Eddie Hermida seems to have fully taken the torch from the original vocalist Mitch Lucker, who tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident. When Suicide Silence first came to Hong Kong in 2014, Hermida was still a new member in the band and the team were testing lots of possibilities in their live performance. 2 years passed with crazy world tour and 1 album released, they have brought in a solid, aggressive 1.5-hour set. The band is united.



其中一點不變的是各成員仍是非常親切,表情豐富,在小場地更加強與台前樂迷的互動,對咪合唱已是例牌動作,當然少不了勢不可擋的 Headbang,充滿力量的舞台表現,不斷營造熾熱氣氛,還有震撼般的Breakdown位,令人不由自主地舞動。

There’re things remained unchanged — their expressive characters, unstoppable headbang, furious stage presence, encouragement to the crowd, and of course, the thunderous breakdown that gets your head banging involuntarily. 


Suicide Silence 決定以預錄的 KoRn 經典 Blind 來打開序幕,自己還沒有開口已引領全場大合唱。 一句「R U Ready?」立即杷氣氛立即推高!Intro 流暢過渡至 Unanswered No Pity For A Coward,死核之夜正式開始。舊歌如 Wake Up 等真正喚醒在場仍在熱身階段的人,從首行到最後的觀眾都跟著Eddie的手搖擺節奏跳動起來。

Suicide Silence decides to open their night with KoRn classic “Blind”, which leads to  a full-room singalong before they actually put on their music. “R U Ready?” and the crowd is set on fire! Smoothly transitioning to “Unanswered” and “No Pity For A Coward”, you know the brutal party has officially started. Older song “Wake Up” literally awake everyone from the first row to the back to jump and move along as one with the rhythm.


他指着顴眾並喊:「I’m here to banish you!」中間的樂迷漩渦式進入Mosh Pit。每當有放慢腳步的跡象,樂隊再次加以激勵把氣氛炒得熱哄哄,確保不會停下腳步。空氣中充滿了汗水、興奮和怒氣。 Fuck Everything 一曲帶出了每人心中的不滿,大家也高舉中指配合!

As Eddie Hermida goes “I’m here to banish you!” and points to the crowd, the diehards swirl into the mosh pit. Whenever there’s sign of slowing down, the band heats the atmosphere up again. The air is filled with sweat, excitement and anger. “Fuck Everything” brings out the dissatisfaction and suppressed emotion and a sea of middle fingers up!

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Suicide Silence 加上新定義的 You Can’t Stop Me 及舊日代表作 Slaves To Substance 理所當然把氣勢進一步推到全晚的巔峰。每個成員由表演開始至終毫無疲態。最後樂團當然以不少觀眾最期待的You Only Live Once 作結,台下合唱甚至比台上聲音更大。這個死核五人組再次憑熱情和無盡的力量完成另一場演出!

“You Can’t Stop Me”, a tune that defines the new era of Suicide Silence, and anthem “Slaves To Substance”, further push the night to the peak effortlessly. Each member carries the hype from start to end without a sign of exhaustion. Within expectation, the show was wrapped up with thunderous signalong to their anthem “You Only Live Once”. Once again, the deathcore powerhouse has successfully killed it with their passion and energy!

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Suicide Silence – Live in Hong Kong