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[Exclusive Interview 獨家專訪] Sum 41 – This is War 奮戰。人生

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今年夏天,Sum 41 再次踏上 Warped Tour 巡演旅途,全程表現顯得充滿信心。事實上,主唱 Deryck Whibley 在過去幾年經歷了人生的重大挑戰 —— 離婚、酗酒、因此而差點喪命、遇見他現時的另一半、更在去年共諧連理 —— 最後終於回到錄音室,與舊日隊友把所有點滴思緒化作音樂靈感。雖然還沒有機會欣賞到他們受高度期待的專輯13 Voices (10月7日才出版喔!),但很高興 Deryck 在百忙中抽空跟我們談談過去起跌、新作內容和亞洲巡演可能性等。

This year, Sum 41 decides to put out their comeback album and get back on the Warped Tour, looking refreshed and fierce. Away from the limelight, frontman Deryck Whibley has been through a rough journey in the past few years – fatal illness, getting sober, getting married – and finally, going back to the studio and creating some emotional music with his pals. While waiting for their highly-anticipated album, “13 Voices”, out on October 07, we have the chance to chat with Deryck on new music, personal journey, possibility of Asia Tour (!) and everything in between.

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[LIVE REVIEW] Suicide Silence – Live in Hong Kong

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「⋯⋯這幾年證明了,Suicide Silence 在一切高低起跌過後,再次站穩腳步,Eddie Hermida 接替因摩托車意外去世的原主唱Mitch Lucker 不知不覺間已有兩年,似乎已被新舊樂迷所認同,正式帶領樂團進入新時代。在2014年首次到港時,Eddie 剛剛加入SS沒多久,與其他成員在仍在磨合階段,因此現場演出時帶來多變的可能性。兩年時間過去,樂團以新陣容發行了一起創作的專輯 You Can’t Stop Me 及到全球各地巡演 ; 在這個夏夜,他們帶來一個更堅實、正面的演出。樂團再次五為一體⋯⋯」

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[NEWS] Alissa White-Gluz 個人企劃 Solo Album

Arch Enemy 女主將 Alissa-White Gluz 將會以 Alissa 名義推出個人專輯。她表示將會與金屬巨頭如 Kamelot 等合作,更指出獲得Arch Enemy隊友、尤其是前主將、即現在的經理人Angela Gossow所支持。Alissa 形容:「我一直沒有忽略大家對我多用 clean vocal 的要求⋯⋯這個專輯內容將會是非常個人的。」

Arch Enemy frontwoman Alissa-White Gluz will release solo album with the name Alissa. She revealed her collaboration with metal veterans like Kamelot , and has received support from her Arch Enemy bandmates, especially the former frontwoman and current manager Angela Gossow. Alissa described “I haven’t been ignoring the consistent request for my clean singing voice” and “this album will be very personal.” Looking forward!

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[NEWS] Opeth – Will O’ The Wisp

Opeth 推出新視頻 Will O’ The Wisp,並會將歌曲收錄在9月30日推出的第12張錄音室專集 Sorceress 內。主將 Mikael Akerfeldt 最近表示新作靈感取自「愛的陰暗面」。

Opeth released a lyric video for their track “Will O’ The Wisp”, taken from their 12th album, Sorceress, out on September 30. Frontman Mikael Akerfeldt recently said the new work was inspired by “the negative aspects of love.”

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[NEWS] While She Sleeps – Civil Isolation

While She Sleeps 首播新歌詞視頻 Civil Isolation,雖然新專輯的其他細節仍未公布,但樂團形容為:「這是所有人都能做到的 —— 規則是要用來打破。」這曲也是WSS自2015年的 Brainwashed 專輯後第一個推出的作品。

While She Sleeps revealed new lyric video “Civil Isolation.” It’s the first new song the band released 2015’s Brainwashed. Album title and release date to be announced soon, but they already described it as “This is something we’re all capable of, boundaries are created to be broken.”

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【2000s REVIVAL 回顧專題】Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions

Avenged Sevenfold 在已成為hard rock 代表,你還記得10多年前,他們曾經以Emo眼線和打扮推出早期幾張專輯如 Waking The Fallen 等,今晚就為大家分享這個非常Raw的視頻吧!

You may know Avenged Sevenfold as a top hard rock act now, but do you remember the band had left traces in the emo scene? Their earlier albums like Waking The Fallen was full of the scene arsthetics. Let’s look back in one of their most popular tunes Unholy Confessions tonight!

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【2000s REVIVAL 回顧專題】Green Day – American Idiot

相信沒有人會忘記他們在2004年推出的 American Idiot!到今日為止你是否還記得專輯中的每首歌?Green Day 形容這個概念專輯為「朋克搖滾歌劇」,故事講述居住在郊區的少年 Jesus of Suburia 內心在憤怒和愛之間爭扎。每首歌曲記錄不同情節,表達那一代人所經歷的各種動盪,包括伊拉克戰爭帶來的失望和爭議。

Do you know American Idiot turned 12th this year already? Bet you still remember this album track by track! Green Day referred this concept album as “punk rock opera,” which follows the story of Jesus of Suburbia, an adolescent anti-hero that is divided between “rage and love.” Through its plot, the album expresses the disillusionment and dissent experienced by a generation which came of age during various turmoil including the Iraq War.

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