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[GIG NEWS] Coldplay – Live in Taipei

經過多年等待,Coldplay 終於到台灣演出了!地點鐵定於桃園高鐵站前廣場舉行。活動詳情及門票分區資料在下,有興趣的樂迷可在此查詢購票詳情 !

After decades of waiting, Coldplay will have their debut show in Taiwan next year! Check out the ticketing info HERE.

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[NEWS] Everything you need to know about Metallica‘s ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct’ Album Release This Week! (+10 more new videos! 一次過上載十多個新視頻!)

網上的重型音樂網站也正在談論!經過兩個多月不同方式的預告,Metallica 新專輯 Hardwired… To Self-Destruct 終於正式上市正式推出!昨天提到樂團為專輯內每首歌也拍攝了音樂視頻,更在一次過跟分享!而且更表示:「⋯⋯其實我們不止拍攝了之前分享的三個視頻,事實上已經以為新專輯內每首歌也準備了音樂錄影帶!」你又經已看完全部了嗎?樂迷可在此連結觀看全部視頻 !

另外,Metallica 與 The Roots 作的玩具樂器版 Enter Sandman 也必為本星期互聯網最精彩的音樂視頻 !!!

Metallica 將在下年一月首次來港,活動詳情可參閱本帖末*

After 2-month’s teaser, Metallica’s latest album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, is finally out today! The band has released a music video for each song off the album, and they decide to release them within one day! Isn’t this the best promoting strategy to metal fans? The band states “…create not just the three videos you’ve already seen, but went all the way with one video for EACH song on the album.” You can watch all the videos at once HERE.

Remember to also check out this amazing Metallica did with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots above!

Metallica will perform in Hong Kong in January next year. Check out the event details below*

Metallica – Live in Hong Kong

Date 日期: 20th January, 2017
Venue地點: AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Time 時間: 7:30pm
Ticket 票價: $1,280, 980, 780,
580 (Seated), HKD1,280, 980 (Standing)

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Metallica 還有甚麼有趣的宣傳呢? 相信你不時會看到Metallica的標誌和專輯封面出現在潮物上,Buzzfeed特別訪問James Hetfield看到荷李活名人穿著樂團t-shirt的感覺,對答非常有趣!對於 Kim Kardashian 的穿法,James 形容:「 這t-shirt尺碼顯然是有點過大,因為她暴露的範圍遠比我准許女兒穿著款式的還多。」說到 5 Seconds of Summer 的Michael Clifford 時表示:「他必定是 One Direction 或某個『Direction』成員!」看到 Avril Lavigne 照片時更笑說:「這是 Nickelback的歌手! 」(笑~)

昨天,樂團更推出網站,讓你可以在這裏 創作自己的 Metallica 名字頭像 !

Besides the video strategy mentioned above, Metallica also did a few interesting interviews and promotional campaign!

From time to time you’ll see Metallica’s logo and album covers appeared on fashion items – James Hetfield had done an interview with Buzzfeed Mexico on his feeling about all the celebrities wearing Metallica tee in various occasion and Hetfield’s reaction is hilarious! On Kim Kardashian – “It’s obviously a little large for her, as there is more skin showing than I would let my daughter do.” On 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford – “He’s got to be in One Direction or some kind of Direction.” And, on Avril Lavigne – “That’s the singer of Nickelback.” (laugh)

The band also introduce a website where you can spend a few minutes to create your own Metallica-inspired logo!

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[NEWS] Hidden Agenda Live House 4.0 Soft Opening!

新 Hidden Agenda 會在 17 / 11 起試業喔!Let’s do it!

EAT. ROCK. SLEEP. REPEAT. at Hidden Agenda 4.0 from November 17 onwards!

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[NEWS] Nightwish – Vehicle Of Spirit DVD Trailer / Alpenglow (Live Video)

前幾天介紹過 Nightwish 將推出現埸演出 DVD:Vehicle Of Spirit ,樂團更在今天分享預吿片。全片在倫敦溫布利體育場所舉行的Endless Forms Most Beautiful 巡演中拍攝,會於在12月9日正式上市。他們上週已發佈當中的 Alpenglow 現場視頻。

樂團主唱 Floor Jansen 九月宣布與 Sabaton 的 Hannes Van Dahl 已懷有四個月身孕。

Nightwish shared thecofficial trailer of their upcoming live DVD, Vehicle Of Spirit, which was shot at London’s Wembley Arena during their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour. The band has released their new live video “Alpenglow” off the DVD last week. Vehicle Of Spirit will be out on December 9.

Nightwish’s vocalist Floor Jensen announced she was 4-month pregnant with Sabaton’s Hannes Van Dahl.

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[NEWS] Green Day – Still Breathing

Green Day 發佈全新音樂視頻 Still Breathing —— 片中主唱Billie Joe Armstrong慢慢穿過街道,而低音結他手Mike Dirnt和鼓手TréCool則在倉庫裡彈奏歌曲,中間重疊穿插了其他人的生活片段,引人思考。樂團在10月7日出版的專輯 Revolution Radio 第一星期已售出九萬五千張,成功在美國專輯榜取得第一位。

Green Day dropped their new music video “Still Breathing” – the clip shows frontman Billie Joe Armstrong slowly making his way through the streets while Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool were practicing in a warehouse, punctuated with scenes of others‘ lives.

Green Day’s latest album, Revolution Radio, has scored the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s 200 Chart, earning 95,000 album units in the first week of since its release on October 7.

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[NEWS] Emarosa – Porcelain

早前為大家介紹的後硬核樂團 Emarosa 發佈新曲視頻 Porcelain。歌曲展示樂團較個人和感性的一面,是他們受各界好評專輯 131 的第六首單曲。主唱 Bradley Walden 表示:「Porcelain 是一首我一直想送給太太的歌,想一想這個意念已醞釀兩年多了,是個簡單的愛情作品。有時候這就是你所需要的。」

我們早前曾與Bradley作獨家專訪 《Emarosa – 覺醒 The Awakening》,你可在此閱讀全文

Emarosa released new music video “Porcelain”. The song, taken from the critically acclaimed new album, 131, shows the personal and emotional side of the band. Frontman Bradley Walden says “Porcelain is a song I wanted to write my wife for a very long time. The song had been an idea I’ve had for about two years, it’s a simple love song. Sometimes that’s all you need.

We have talked to Bradley earlier this year, read the article <<Exclusive Interview – Emarosa – The Awakening>> HERE.

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[NEWS] Bullet for My Valentine – Don’t Need You

一如上週提到的預告,Bullet For My Valentine 今天分享期待已久的新單曲及視頻 Don’t Need You。片段於中古教堂拍攝,主將 Matt Tuck 形容:「這曲充滿重型和黑暗原素,而且聽來非常壯觀,可說是典型 Bullet 的作品,相信聽到的人都會感驚喜。我們很喜歡此曲,這亦是BFMV未來創作方向的預告。」

Bullet For My Valentine finally drops new video “Don’t Need You.” Frontmsn Matt Tuck describes, “It’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s super-epic, it’s signature Bullet and I think when people hear it, they’ll lose their shit. We love it, and I think it’s a hint of where the band is going next.”

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[NEWS] Suicide Silence Talks About Upcoming Album

今年第二次來港演出的死核名團 Suicide Silence 已返回美國忙於籌備他們下張同名新專輯,主唱 Eddie Hermida 更形容此為樂隊的「聲明」。這也會是他在原主唱Mitch Lucker於2012年因車禍去世後、繼14年的 You Can’t Stop Me 後第二個出品。Eddie 表示專輯鞏固了他作為樂團一分子的地位,更形容道:「我們感到非常興奮!現在樂隊有如登上全速前進的火車後突然轉向,結果雖無人能預料,但又令人期待。我急不及待跟大家分享,這是有關我的信念、Suicide Silence的定義、樂隊的根本性等完全真誠的聲明。」


回顧全文 Review
★ 現場照片 Gallery

Just performed in Hong Kong for the second time this year, deathcore powerhouse Suicide Silence is now busy with their upcoming self-titled album. Frontman Eddie Hermida says it will be “statement” of the band. It’s their second release with him following the death of Mitch Lucker in 2012, after 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me – and he says this record has cemented his status as a fully-fledged member of the group. He tells Rockwell Unscene: “We’re extremely excited. The band is taking a freight train that has been moving at 200 miles an hour and turning the wheel completely left. And we’re hoping to see the aftermath. The jacket is on, it’s on. I can’t wait to bring this out. This is a real statement of who I am, who the band is, and where we come from.” (via metal hammer)

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[NEWS] Marilyn Manson – Say10

Donald Trump在美國總統選舉中勝出,各地紛紛發表意見,其實在結果宣布前選後,均有無數樂團利用他們的音樂表達想法。在選舉前一天,Marilyn Manson 發佈充滿政治意味加上血腥視覺效果的新視頻 Say10,歌曲會是他下年推出第10張專輯 (也是名為Say10) 內的首支單曲。當問及專輯命名原因時,Manson解釋:「這個名字我在基督教學校念的筆記中的。」他又表示 Say10 與撒旦 (Satan) 的讀音十分相似,所以決定以此為下個專輯之名。他較時又指出他會在今次同選舉中投票給任何候選人,因為這就像是被迫在「Cat Shit」與「Dog Shit」之間作出選擇。

Donald Trump had won the presidential election and countless musicians had spoken about that before and after the result was announced.

The day before election, Marilyn Manson dropped a new, graphic music video for “SAY10,” the title track from his upcoming 10th album out next year. When asking about the album name, Manson tells The Los Angeles Times that “I found that title in my twelfth grade yearbook at Christian school” and that “Say10” reminds people of “satan.” He announced earlier this year that he wouldn’t vote for anyone in the election, stating that it would be like choosing between “cat shit and dog shit”.

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[NEWS] Rob Zombie – Get Your Boots On! That’s The End Of Rock And Roll

搖滾界傳奇人物 Rob Zombie 雖然出道幾十年,但仍堅持創作,今天又推出新視頻 Get Your Boots On! That’s The End Of Rock And Roll!(怎麼說是 Rock And Roll 的終結呢 !? )歌曲收錄在四月出版的專輯The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser。早前我們曾到 Rob 的北美巡演作採訪,一如既往,Rob Zombie 每次現場演出必定配以誇張大型舞台道具、全螢幕背景、 甚至連腳踏也配以電子屏幕,非常壯觀,但一切都不及他與隊友展示縱橫搖滾界幾十年的力量!

The legendary Rob Zombie released new video for his latest single “Get Your Boots On! That’s The End Of Rock And Roll” taken from his latest album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser, which was out in April.

We had paid a visit to Rob Zombie’s North American Tour last month for our Overseas Features, and as expected, it was a wonderful carnival with stage filled with tremendous props and full height screen, but there’s nothing thar can beat White Zombie’s mind-blown performance!

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[FLASHBACK] The Used – Buried Myself Alive

The Used 於 2003 推出的 Buried Myself Alive 所述的悲劇愛情故事令人心傷,視頻中樂隊成員被困於密閉環境中,主唱 Bert McCracken 最後更被活埋在棺材裡。

The Used premiered video for “Buried Myself Alive” in 2003, with band members are trapped in an inescapable environment, with vocalist Bert McCracken buried alive in a coffin.

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kill 1


kill 3

[FLASHBACK] I Killed The Prom Queen – Live in Hong Kong (10 Nov 2015)

不知不覺已經一年了!當時還是在第三代的 Hidden Agenda 演出,希望他們在不久將來會再次來港演出吧。

I Killed The Prom Queen performed in Hidden Agenda 3.0 a year ago! Hope it won’t be long for them to be back here! (📷: @mohawkmajorie)


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[RANDOM] Real Struggle Of Wearing Band Merch


Speaking of people wearing band merch who they don’t / have never heard of, have you met someone in black tee with your favorite band’s name and thought that would be your SOULMATE? But sadly, you then realised it was merely a “fashion statement”…