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Truth Corroded —— 對香港金屬界來說不會陌生的名字,在11月再次來港演出,帶來另一個充滿汗水和瘀傷的近距離演出上。 這是他們第五次到此表演,他們在亞洲一直擁有大批支持者,特別是香港和台灣地區。而從樂隊的踏上台板的笑容和社交平台上的帖子,似乎樂隊也很愛香港的樂迷!

Truth Corroded, a name that’s no stranger to the Hong Kong metal community, is here again in November for another intimate gig filled with sweat and bruises. This is the 5th time for the Aussie metallers to be here in Hong Kong. They always have strong supporters in Asia, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan. From the band’s heart-warming smiles and social media posts, it seems the band does love us, too!

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在音樂圈活躍20多年,這個澳洲樂團有大量作品作選擇,不愁歌單會過份重覆。 這次大部分演奏曲目出自最期的三張專輯。 有趣的是,巡演名稱 Worship the Warlords Slain Tour 不禁令人聯想是否由三個不同專輯 —— The Saviours SlainWorship the BledUpon the Warlords Crawl —— 的題目組成。另外值得留意的是,他們也邀請 Whoretopsy Jake Sproule 和前成員 Wayne Batters 參與今次巡演,分別擔當客席鼓手和結他手一位。

Being active for over 20 years, the band have plenty of songs to choose from their discography. This time it is more of a mix of the last three albums. It’s interesting to see this tour’s name, “Worship the Warlords Slain Tour,” consists words from their previous releases  – “The Saviours Slain,”Worship the Bled” and “Upon the Warlords Crawl.” It’s worth to note they also invite Whoretopsy’s Jake Sproule as guest drummer and former member Wayne Batters to take over the guitarist position.

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今次樂團被安排在一個更近距離的場地演出(幾乎沒有舞台/觀眾區之分),這個設置令人回憶當年樂隊在地下室表演,成員被觀眾包圍著,兩者均成為的演出一分子的年代。 每次看到 Truth Corroded 在舞台上,他們均顯得更有自在,沒有多餘的把戲或説話,説到底已跟大家多次見面了,也不用特別作自我介紹吧。 牆上飾版暗藏燈飾,含蓄地把光照向台上,看起來加添了戲劇感。 從某角度望上去,更像是樂隊以樂器把牆壁爆破成碎片,邊彈奏著鞭金曲調,邊重重的踏入人群。

In a much more intimate arrangement (almost without a stage), the band performs in a setting that takes you back to the days when bands played around you and audience become part of the gig in the house. Every time seeing these long-haired guys on stage, they shred harder and faster. The ambient light shinning through the panels behind makes the stage more theatrical to look at. There’re a few times it looks like the band is breaking the wall into pieces and stepping into the crowd with their brutal thrashy tunes.

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全晚其中一個最棒的時刻必要提到樂團彈奏 Last of My Flesh 的時候,此曲是我們在其2013年專輯The Saviors Slain中最喜歡的一曲 —— 前奏非常groovy,在現場收聽更增添幾分粗糙感。 整個演出續到午夜,把這個充滿金屬精神的星期五晚畫上句號。

One of the most enjoyable moment must be when Truth Corroded performing “Last of My Flesh.” This is always our favourite pick in the 2013 album, The Saviours Slain. The intro is groovy and the sound impeccable in live. The set goes on till mid-night, and yes, it’s another wonderful Friday night celebrating the metal spirit.

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*主辦在較早時候更特意邀請了四個樂隊作暖場,包括來自本地的新金屬組合 Intellectual MORONs、死核新星 Parallel Horizon、最活躍的鞭金屬樂團慘慘豬和新加坡grindcore代表 Truth Be Known,其中TBK更於最後兩首歌曲跑進人群擁抱內,在觀眾圍繞下完成演出。

*Earlier the night ,the organiser bring in in 4 wonderful bands as opening act, including Hong Kong’s nu-metal outfits Intellectual MORONs, local rising deathcore rising star Parallel Horizon, HK’s most active thrash metal group CharmCharmChu and Singapore grindcore representatives Truth Be Known. The last act closed the set by diving into the crowd’s embrace and jamming hard as audience around bang their heads off.

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Truth Corroded – Live in Hong Kong