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「這是Metallica香港大家庭!」James Hetfield 喊道。

“This is Metallica family of Hong Kong !” James Hetfield says.



After 35 years of waiting, thrash legends Metallica finally bring their first gig ever to Hong Kong. This night, the Met-family in the city (and our neighbourhood regions) unite together to celebrate the long-lived metal spirit. Once again, it proves things may fade away as time goes by, but loyalty to music only gets stronger along the journey, especially for metalheads.

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Metallica – Live in Hong Kong




樂團選擇以新曲 Hardwired Atlas, Rise 作開首 —— 兩首均為最新專輯 Hardwired… to Self-Destruct 內的單曲 —— 象徵這個瘋狂之夜正式開始!一如他們最近的巡演,舞台上設置四個輕微折疊的巨型屏幕,實時投射樂隊的現場剪輯片段,有時加上特殊效果、或與其他預先錄製的影片重疊。場館的視覺效果很複雜,屏上片段與台上樂隊成員成為一個虛實交錯的蒙太奇,把現場不同層次的Metallica展示出來。

Opening with two new songs “Hardwired” and “Atlas, Rise” – singles from their latest critically-acclaimed album, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct – the frantic night officially begins! Like their recent tour, there were 4 slightly folded, giant screens displaying the band’s live captured clips, sometimes with special effects applied or overlay with other pre-recorded visuals. The stadium visual curation is complicated but the focus is very clear. Everything, including the band members on stage, becomes one exceptional montage bringing out different layers of Metallica in live.




James Hetfield 喊道:「這是Metallica香港大家庭!」一句大家等待了35年的句子。總的來說,歌單的新舊歌曲比例約為三比七,在作為他們在香港的首次演出和Hardwired專輯宣傳之旅間取得平衡。全場總共演奏18首歌曲,當然包括經典如 Sad But TrueNothing Else Matters、甚至是死忠最愛的 Seek And Destroy,另外加插最新專輯中的六首新歌。

“This is Metallica family of Hong Kong !” James Hetfield shouts. A sentence that everyone presents have waited for 35 years. Overall-speaking, the song choice is a well-balance of old and new songs both as their debut gig here and as a promotional tour for the Hardwired album. The 16-song set is a mix of classics, such as “Sad But True,” “Nothing Else Matters” and even diehards’ favourite “Seek And Destroy,” punctuated with 6 new songs off their latest album.




值得提及的是 Metallica還將期待的 Master of Puppets 列入歌單!此曲在北京和上海站被剔除(謠言:由於審查制度),期後在網站上引起廣泛討論,爭論樂隊是否應該遵循「規則」。無論如何,在詢眾要求之下,樂團已聽到大家的聲音!當熟悉的結他獨奏從弦線振動樂迷的心,全場也產生深深的共鳴。

It’s worth to note Metallica also put the highly-anticipated “Master of Puppets” in the list! Since the song was taken out during their Beijing and Shanghai stops (rumors: due to censorship,) it has since arose wide discussion on their website of whether the band should follow the “rules.” It seems fans’ voice is heard and the audience is beyond emotional when the familiar riff resonates through the stereo to their hearts.


今次的燈光和舞台設置完全將演出提升。上面也提及幕後製作團隊不僅是將現場拍攝片段直接展示出來,而是立即用電腦程式加上特別效果,普通的直播屏幕場景變成多媒體節目。四個顯示屏有時獨立播放各成員動態,有時變成一個特大電視作大特寫,增加戲劇性。中間和天花懸浮的激光束與歌曲拍子同步,例如在 Moth Into Flame 演奏期間,光束在頭頂像網狀一樣交錯,一直延伸至場館最後!

The light and stage setting has completely elevated the show to a full entertainment level. Instead of plainly showcasing the live clips on the screens, the videography team turn the scenes into a multimedia show. The 4 screens display each member’s movement or turn into one stage-wide monitor to bring out a monumental impact. The laser beams synchronise with the beat and shoot out like a glowing web above our heads during “Moth Into Flame.”



雖然較重型的歌曲令全場陷入熱血Headbang狀態,但憂鬱旋律的 OneUnforgiven Fade To Black 絕對會給你帶來點點的沈重傷感時刻,但最令人興奮的可要説是上面提到的 Seek And DestroyCreeping Death For Whom The Bell Tolls 等經典,帶你步往回憶的道路。

While heavier stuff that gets the crowd moving, melancholic melodies “One,” “Unforgiven” and “Fade To Black” definitely brings you emotional moments. Older classics like the aforementioned “Seek And Destroy,” “Creeping Death” and “For Whom The Bell Tolls” lead you down the memory lane effortlessly. 



從各個細節所見,樂隊今趟旅程安排上非常細緻,甚至會為每個巡演站備上特製的結他撥片 —— 這晚的當然是印上香港音樂會日期和地點,連James也忍不住放到螢幕上跟大家分享!這些都是精心製作的細節,證明現場已不再只是限於舞台上,而是延伸至整個場館到每個參與的觀眾們。

The band have put so much thoughts into this tour that the level of details has extended to the special guitar picks crafted exclusively for each show –this time of course with Hong Kong and the concert date printed on it. Even Hatfield can’t resist to share it with the fans through the screen!  These are all carefully-crafted details. It’s not only about the stage anymore. It’s about the whole venue and everyone on the floor.

1. Hardwired
2. Atlas, Rise!
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Creeping Death
5. The Unforgiven
6. Now That We’re Dead
7. Moth Into Flame
8. Wherever I May Roam
9. Confusion
10. Halo On Fire
11. Sad But True
12. One
13. Master Of Puppets
14. Fade To Black
15. Seek And Destroy
16. Battery
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Enter Sandman



Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Metallica – Live in Hong Kong

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