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[GIG NEWS] Generation Axe Tour – Hong Kong Stop

 一個由頂尖搖滾/金屬樂手帶領的音樂慶典,5個活躍在音樂史不同時期的結他手 —— 殿堂人物 Steve VaiBlack Label Society 領導者 Zakk Wylde、瑞典名將 Yngwie Malmsteen 、 波士頓搖滾Extreme樂團之手 Nuno Bettencourt 及上月才與 Animals As Leaders 來港的djent界代表人物 Tosin Abasi —— 將會聯手憑著瘋狂的技術,展現手指如何與弦線指板合為一體A night to celebrate the sensational musicianship of 5 world class guitarists – the irreplaceable Steve Vai, Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde, Swedish top guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme and Animals As Leaders’ insane Tosin Abasi will gather together at the Generation Axe event to show you how a musician and instrument unit as one

Generation Axe – Hong Kong Stop
Lineup 表演樂手: Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt, Tosin Abasi
Date 日期: 12 April 2017
Time 時間: 8:00pm
Venue 地點: Star Hall @KITEC
Ticket 票價: $680, $980 (all standing) at hkticketing.com

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[GIG NEWS] While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong & Taiwan 2017

一向深受港台樂迷歡迎的 While She Sleeps 將會七月再度歸來,於 Hidden Agenda 演出!樂團在14和15年的演唱會非常成功,亦因此贏得不少追隨者!他們今年宣布推出自資新專輯 You Are We,更特意配上中文 #你是我們,已分享的幾首單曲也獲得樂迷及樂評人不少正面評價。票務詳情於稍後公布*

FLASHBACK: WWS 香港演唱會2015
Gallery 現場相片
Review 回顧文章

While She Sleeps will be back to Hong Kong and Taipei in July! It’s their third time to be here after their hugely successful concerts in 2014 and 15! They have issued their first independently released album, You Are We, this year and the singles have received positive review from both fans and critics. Stay tuned for event details*

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[GIG NEWS] Born of Osiris – Live in Hong Kong

金屬核、死核分子萬眾期待的芝加哥樂團 Born of Osiris 將會在6月11日來香港演出,為剛在2月出版的EP The Eternal Reign 作宣傳,更會有本地硬核中堅 Shepherds The Weak 作暖場樂團!年前我們攝影師在BOO北美演唱會中與樂團談及亞洲巡演的可能性,想不到終於在2017年實行了! 說到這個EP,其實是樂團把首張作品The New Reign 重新灌錄的專集,當然也包括特別曲目,例如早前分享的Glorious Day等。 (: @mohawkmajorie)

The wait is over! Chicago metalcore / deathcore outfits Born Of Osiris will be coming to Hong Kong for the very first time in June to promote their latest EP The Eternal Reign!They have invited our local hardcore veterans Shepherds The Weak for the opening session!

Our team had spoke with BOO about the possibility of having an Asian tour during their North American tour 2 years ago and bam! It finally happens! (: @mohawkmajorie)

Born of Osiris – Live In Hong Kong
Opening Band 暖場樂團: Shepherds The Weak
Date 日期: 11 June 2017
Time 時間: 8:00pm
Venue 地點: Hidden Agenda
Ticket 票價: $280 (early-bird), 320 (advance), $420 (walk-in) at ticketflap.com / 觸STUDIO

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[GIG NEWS] Insomnium – Live in Hong Kong

Insomnium —— 一個有關夢景的詞語,也是芬蘭技術高超的旋律死亡金屬團隊的名字。Insomnium經常在痛苦、死亡、悲傷、黑暗和大自然力量中吸取靈感,作為歌詞主題。樂團公佈會於5月17日首次來到香港 Hidden Agenda 演出! (5月19日將有台灣站!) 相信大部份樂迷都會因 While We Sleep 一曲認識他們,但其實 Insomnium 還推出過一系列高質專輯呢!更興奮的是樂團邀請了曾於14年來香港演出的澳洲旋死代表 Orpheus Omega、及將在短期內不會在香港與大家見面的本地樂隊 Pave The Path

FLASHBACK: Orpheus Omega 香港演唱會 2014
Gallery 現場相片 
Review 回顧文章

Insomnium – a word pertaining to dreams, is also the name of this highly-skilled Finnish melodic death metal act, who finds their lyrical inspiration from pain, death, sorrow, darkness and nature. The band will have their debut gig in Hong Kong on May 17! (And May 19 in Taiwan!) You may know them by “While We Sleep” but the guys got a long discography to listen through!

Aussie melodeath group Orpheus Omega, who performed in Hong Kong in 2014, and our local representatives Pave The Path will be joining the force! This will also be the last gig PTP participated in Hong Kong in short while. So be there earlier!!!

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[GIG UPDATE] Whitechapel – Live in Hong Kong

票務詳情更新* 曾經多次傳出會來港的田納西州死核樂團Whitechapel 終於決定在香港 (5月3日) 和台灣 (4月27日) 舉行首次演出,為去年推出的 Mark of the Blade 專輯作宣傳!不少傳媒更把此形容為 Whitechapel 事業上最出色的作品!到時還會有來自澳洲的死核樂團 A Night In Texas 及香港頂尖代表 #蛾人 Massacre Of Mothman 作暖場嘉賓!台灣站細節可向 ICON promotions 查詢*

Ticketing details update! Tennessee deathcore group Whitechapel will have their debut gig in Hong Kong (May 03) and Taiwan (April 27) for the first time to promote their latest album ‘Mark of the Blade.’ The album was described as “the best” in the band’s career by critics. Australian deathcore outfits A Night In Taxes and our local representatives Massacre Of Mothman will be sharing the same stage earlier that night!

Whitechapel – Live In Hong Kong
Opening Band 暖場樂團: A Night In Texas, Massacre Of Mothman
Date 日期: 03 May 2017
Time 時間: 8:00pm
Venue 地點: Hidden Agenda
Ticket 票價: $380 (advance), $480 (walk-in), $300 (Student) at Ticketflap.com

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[GIG REMINDER] Dreamtale – Live in Hong Kong

芬蘭旋律力量金屬樂團Dreamtale 將於4月21日首度來港。被譽為「最被低估的Melodic Power Metal 團隊」,他們自1999年以來一直默默耕耘,忠於自己音樂風格的作品。這專場將會是最新專輯 Seventhian… Memories of Times 亞洲宣傳巡演的一部份。 我們推薦給你的還有其13年出版的 World Changed Forever。如果你是Stratovarius和Sonata Arctics等的粉絲,Dreamtale絕對不會讓你失望!門票現於 etickets.hk 平台發售。

Finnish Melodic power metal Dreamtale will be coming to Hong Kong for the very first time on April 21. Being praised as “the most underrated melodic power-metal scene,” the band have delivered consistent works since 1999. This will be part of the promotional tour for their latest album, ‘Seventhian… Memories of Times.’ Tunes we recommend to you will definitely be their 2013 full-length release ‘World Changed Forever.’ If you are fans of Stratovarius and Sonata Arctics, Dreamtale are not going to disappoint you! Tickets are now available at etickets.hk

Dreamtale – Live In Hong Kong
Opening Band 暖場樂團: TBC
Date 日期: 21 April 2017
Time 時間: 8:00pm
Venue 地點: MOM Livehouse
Ticket 票價: $330 (advance), $400 (walk-in) at etickets.hk

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[NEWS] Foo Fighters Photobooth!

Foo Fighters 推出充滿夏日風情的Photo Booth程式,宣傳他們在今年Summer Sonic音樂節的演出!大家記得加上 hashtag #Footobooth 📸🤗 前幾個月 The Rolling Stones 也曾以網站替樂迷打拳經典舌頭標誌加到相片上,Metallica 更讓你以他們的字形創作自己的名字頭像。

Make your Foo Photos HERE

Foo Fighters reveal brand new online app to promote their appearance at Summer Sonic Festival this year! It allows you to overlay the Foo Fighters frame onto your picture! Remember to caption your post with #Footibooth 📸🤗 Speaking of interesting apps, The Rolling Stones shared a website which you can add their signature tongue logo to your photo and Metallica’s let you create your very own font logo with their typography.

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[NEWS] Kasabian – You’re In Love With A Psycho

Kasabian 推出久等的新視頻 You’re In Love With A Psycho,更邀請了笑匠藝人 Noel Fielding 一同拍攝。歌曲收錄在樂團於4月28日上架的第六張新專輯 For Crying Out Loud 內。

Kasabian release new video for their single “You’re In Love With A Psycho,” starring comedian / actor Noel Fielding.
The song is taken from the band’s upcoming sixth studio album ‘For Crying Out Loud’, which’ll be out on April 28.

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[NEWS] Amy Lee – Speak To Me

Evanescence 女主唱 Amy Lee 首播非常鬼魅的新視頻Speak To Me,歌曲是特別為恐怖片 Voice From The Stone 而創作,電影將會於4月28日於美國特定的戲院上映。Amy 於年前誕下小兒子,去年更曾推出兒歌視覺專輯 Dream Too Much。

Amy Lee from Evanescence drops new haunting video “Speak To Me” from upcoming thriller movie Voice From the Stone, which will be screened in US select theaters on April 28. Amy had just released a new visual album for kids called Dream Too Much last September.

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[NEWS] Obama is a fan of Blink-182!

連美國前總統 Barack Obama 也要讚美 blink-182 新作 🤔👌🏻 樂團剛推出去年被受矚目的專輯 California 的 Deluxe 版本,裏面收錄了新曲 Misery。

From the rating on Barack Obama, former President of the United States, given to Blink-182, it seems there’s something about their new album! The band also released the deluxe edition of their latest album, California, last month which also includes one new track “Misery.” Check it out in the lyric video above!

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[NEWS] All Time Low – Last Young Renegade

All Time Low 釋出即將推出的新專輯 Last Young Renegade 同名單曲新視頻,並會經最近加盟的 Fueled By Ramen 廠牌於6月2日正式上市。主唱 Alex Gaskarth 解釋:「起初我甚至不肯定這曲應否納入此專輯,直到後來才發現整個故事漸漸成形,Last Young Renegade 更能把這個專集概括起來。」樂團上月已率先推出第一個單曲 Dirty Laundry.

All Time Low have released the title track from their upcoming new album, Last Young Renegade, which is set to release on June 2 via Fueled By Ramen. “At first, I didn’t even know if this would go on the album! It didn’t dawn on us until later that there was this story forming and that ‘Last Young Renegade’ could be such a cool piece of what the record was about,” frontman Alex Gaskarth.

They have revealed the first single, “Dirty Laundry,” last month.

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[NEWS] Havok – Conformicide (Album)

來自科羅拉多州的鞭金樂團Havok,3年前在香港演出,上週經Century Media Records發行音第4張專輯Conformicide,無論是樂評人或粉絲們都有非常正面的迴響,而銷量亦有不錯成績,目前分別在美國 Billboard Heatseeker 熱門流行榜進佔第四位及重型音樂榜 Billboard Top Hard Music Chart 第五名!恭喜 Havok!

Colorado thrash metal group Havok, who performed in Hong Kong 3 years ago, released their 4th album Conformicide last week via Century Media Records. It had received very positive response, both from critics and fans; and currently at #4 on Billboard Heatseeker and #5 on Billboard Top Hard Music Chart! Congratulations!

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[NEWS] Paramore Has A Billion Stream on Spotify (十億播放次數!)

Paramore 在Spotify上累積超過10億收聽次數!其中樂團的同名專輯佔大部分播放次數,共有超過3.65億次。而單曲Ain’t It Fun則是他們播放率最多的歌曲,達103萬次之多!

Paramore received over 1 billion streams on Spotify! Most of the billion plays goes toward the band’s self-titled album which has more than 365 million times. “Ain’t It Fun” continues to be Paramore’s most popular song with 103 million plays. (via AP)

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[NEWS] Tonight Alive – World Away

由女主唱 Jenna McDougall 為首的澳洲流行搖滾樂團 Tonight Alive 首播新視頻 World Away,不少樂迷與樂評人均對此有正面評價。他們同時宣布將加盟 Hopeless Records 及在澳洲及新西蘭地區透過 UNFD 發行新作品。

Australian woman-fronted pop rock group Tonight Alive dropped new video “World Away” and the music world is giving very positive review on that! The band also announced they will be joining Hopeless Records worldwide and UNFD in Australia and New Zealand.

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[NEWS] Suicide Silence Burns Gear On Stage

Suicide Silence 於3月24日在倫敦的演唱會上,燃燒自己的樂器!結他手Chris Garza在演出後期點燃自己的結他,看者也感到心痛⋯⋯ 其實樂團上周在俄羅斯的演出中也在表演最後破壞樂器,更被樂迷形容為「崩潰」。

Suicide Silence were back to their gear destroying during their set at the Koko in London, England on March 24th night. This time around guitarist Chris Garza also set his guitar on fire. The band smashed their gears in their show in Russia last week and fans called it a “meltdown.” via UG

[NEWS] Suicide Silence April Fools

上星期愚人節,有不少音樂網站都跟大家開個小玩意,當中不少與 Suicide Silence 有關。樂團幾周前推出的新專輯收到不少負面評價,於是互聯網便以「Suicide Silence 為新作質素差劣而道歉」、「Suicide Silence 因此解散」等為題,而有些讀者竟然以為這是真確新聞,事實上當按連結後便會連接到「April Fools」的頁面!

Suicide Silence have become the most talkable-band in the heavy music community — because of all the negativities they received from their recent album, many metal websites cited ” Suicide Silence Apologised For New Album” and “Suicide Silence Break Up” on their headlines, and there were hundreds of commenters were buying into these stories!

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[Ultimate Flashback] A 36-song Mash Up!

近日網上瘋傳有音樂人把36首在二千年代的流行朋克與搖滾歌曲混合成一首mash up song,你又記得幾多首?其實這個網友早在2013年已開始這樣創作,更被當年多個音樂媒體「挑戰」,最後越做越多。

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[FLASHBACK] Kurt Cobain 23th Death Anniversary

時光匆匆飛逝,1994年4月5日 Kurt Cobain 離開這個世界,亦從此成為27 Club中其中一個最知名的成員 ——「渴望成為其他人是個浪費自我的行為」—— 看似簡單卻又是最真實的説話。

It may sound like a cliche but these words are golden – Kurt Cobain passed away 23 years ago. And forever be one of the most famous member in the 27 Club.

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這張照片本週在網上瘋傳,攝影師在 So What Music Festival 音樂節中拍攝。究竟你留意到的是:求婚情侶、準備breakdown的年輕樂迷、mosh pit 中的人群、雙手舉起的壯男、抑或在後面歡呼的年長觀眾呢?