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[LIVE GALLERY] Megadeth  – Live in Hong Kong

Gallery 現場相片 (Photo: Mohawkmajorie)

Flawless performance by the thrash metal legend Megadeth – from works off their Grammys-winning album Dystopia to the triumphant classic Rust In Peace! Full concert review will be up this week*

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[NEWS] While She Sleeps – Empire of Silence

While She Sleeps 分享全新現場視頻 Empire of Silence。歌曲收錄在4月21日上架的自資專輯 You Are We。WSS將會七月再度歸來,於香港及台灣演出 !

FLASHBACK: WWS 香港演唱會2015
Gallery 現場相片
Review 回顧文章

While She Sleeps drops brand new live video, “Empire of Silence” off their self-release album You Are We which was out on April 21. The band will be back to Hong Kong and Taiwan in July for their promotional tour!

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[BREAKING]  Insomnium and Orpheus Omega were detained but now released // 私人活動將會取消

// 今晚樂隊唔上得台,連朋友交流會都唔得,因為入境處要佢地簽生死狀先俾佢地入境,唔係就即時遣返。//

Insomnium released brief statement regarding the cancellation of tonight’s show in Hong Kong ——「香港,很抱歉今晚未能如期演出。我們已經到達香港,但因各種不能預料的因素而需要取消。希望我們在不久將來能夠再次回來。感謝大家。」

另外 Orpheus Omega 也發表聲明,表示事情在他們控制之外,並希望會再次回港舉行演出,更説返回澳洲之前會在香港遊覽一下,可能會與樂迷們碰面。

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[BREAKING] Chris Cornell Passed Away At 52

今天令人心痛的消息 —— SoundgardenAudioslave 和 Temple Of The Dog 主將 Chris Cornell 昨晚午夜左右被發現在酒店房間內失去知覺,享年只有52歲。

底特律警察署媒體關係主任說:「當警方到達酒店時,他們遇到了一個男士,表示發現 Chris Cornell 在房間裡。當警員走到房間時,他們發現 Chris 躺在浴室沒有反應,證實已經去世。我們正在調查是否自殺可能,但需要等待醫務人員來確定死因。」

警方表示,Chris Cornell 是在其酒店房吊頸導致死亡,但仍等待進一步化驗,才可確定是否與藥物有關。不少樂團,例如 Megadeth 、Linkin ParkStone Sour 、Red Hot Chili Peppers等在今天舉行的演出中均表示哀悼,決定重新演繹 Chris 為首的不同樂團之作品。

Megadeth 在上周五東京站演出時,特別挑選重新演繹 Soundgarden 的 Outshined,以紀念星期四去世的 Chris Cornell。不同樂團也以他們選擇的方式去表揚這位在 Grunge 和其他搖滾界別貢獻不少的 Chris。

Chris Cornell, frontman of Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog, was found last night unresponsive in his hotel room at around midnight on May 18.

“When the units arrived they were met by a gentleman who indicated that Chris Cornell had been found in his room,” said Michael Woody, Director of the Detroit Police Department’s media relations . “When officers went to the room they found Chris Cornell laying in his bathroom, unresponsive and he had passed away. We are investigating it as a possible suicide but we need to wait on the medical examiner to determine the cause and manner of death.” (via AP)

Megadeth covered “Outshined” by Soundgarden at a show in Tokyo as tribute to Chris Cornell, who passed away last week at the age of 52.