[News + Random] This Week The Trend (18 Jun – 24 Jun)

[GIG NEWS] Clockenflap 2017 Lineup!

Clockenflap 今天宣布第一波演出名單,當中包括Trip Hop名團 Massive Attack 及另類搖滾樂團 The Dandy Warhols,並確定於11月17日至19日(星期五至日) 再次回到中環海濱舉行。不少本地樂迷為 粉紅A 回歸感到興奮,喜愛後搖的也必會前往欣賞多次來港的 Hello Nico。(小編之選必要提到MØ!) 門票已於 Ticketflap 發售。下面是第一波公布的演出名單。

Clockenflap will be back on 17th-19th November (Friday-Sunday) at Central Harbourfront. The first wave lineup includes trip hop master Massive Attack! Local music fans are also thrilled for the comeback of Fan Hung A and Portland alt rock outfits The Dandy Warhols. Hello Nico will definitely be another one to watch! (We can’t miss our editor’s choice MØ!) Tickets available at ticketflap.com. Here’re the acts announced:

1st Wave Lineup
Massive Attack

Supper Moment
The Dandy Warhols
Matthew Dear
Cashmere Cat
Fan Hung A 粉紅a
Ibibio Sound Machine
Higher Borthers 海爾兄弟
Bob Moses
Hello Nico
Per Se

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[NEWS] STONE SOUR – Hydrograd (Album)

Corey Taylor – The Metal President? 金屬總統?Stone Sour 全新專輯 Hydrograd 將於6月30日正式出版專輯,今期 Metal Hammer 雜誌詳談 Corey 的動向及對金屬界的影響。

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[NEWS] Slipknot New Documentary Teaser II

早前分享過 Slipknot 宣布將會推出全新記錄片 Day Of The Gusano,當中的「Gusano」意即西班牙文中的「蛆」,以下是其製作花絮。片段於2015年樂團舉辦的 Knotfest 音樂節墨西哥站,並於今年9月6日正式上映。

Another teaser from Slipknot’s upcoming documentary, Day Of The Gusano, filmed at Knotfest Mexico 2015! The name of the film stands for “maggot” in Spanish and is set to be out on September 6.

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[NEWS] Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold (Album)

Foo Fighters 終於公佈新專輯細節!作品將命名為 Entitled Concrete and Gold,並會收錄11首全新歌曲,亦確定會於本年9月15日正式上市。這是樂團事業生涯中第九張錄音室專集,是繼2014年的Sonic Highways 和15年的EP Saint Cecilia後首個作品。你可在此觀看幾星期前推出的單曲 Run 視頻。

Foo Fighters finally revealed their new details! Entitled Concrete and Gold, the 11-track album will be out of on September 15. It’s the band’s 9th album to date following 2014’s Sonic Highways and 2015’s EP, Saint Cecilia. Watch the video of their single “Run” above.

01. T-Shirt
02. Run
03. Make It Right
04. The Sky Is A Neighborhood
05. La Dee Da
06. Dirty Water
07. Arrows
08. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
09. Sunday Rain
10. The Line
11. Concrete and Gold

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[NEWS] While She Sleeps Chinese Character Tattoo

深受廣大樂迷歡迎的 While She Sleeps,在最新的作品都加上了中文翻譯,例如在最新專輯You Are We加上「你是我們」的字樣。本週其成員Matt Long更在背部紋上「有個秘密我們都與星星分享 (你是我們)」,即There is a secret we all share with the stars的中譯,操刀的更是另一成員Matt Welsh。

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[NEWS] Dave Grohl Daughter Joined Foo Fighters On Stage 🥁

記得四月 Metallica 低音結他手 Robert Trujillo 的12歲的兒子 Tye Trujillo 在Korn 的北美巡演中替補Fieldy作bass結他手一職?Robert 更在其中一站加入演出。而今趟則有Foo Fighters主將 Dave Grohl 的8歲小女兒Harper上台負責打鼓,與爸爸的全體成員一起演奏 Queen 的We Will Rock You,引起全場歡呼!

Remember Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s 12-year-old son Tye Trujillo filling in for Fieldy in Korn’s tour and even Robert joined in for a jam in April? Now is Foo Fighters’ turn to share their stage with Dave Grohl’s daughter! During their recent set at Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavic, Iceland, they brought out a special guest drummer: Dave’s 8 year old daughter, Harper. She played a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” which according to Ghrol was the first song she’d learned. (via AP)

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[NEWS] Radiohead – Man of War

Radiohead 前日上載令人驚喜的全新視頻Man of War (歌曲之前稱為Big Boots)。樂團近日推出OK Computer二十週年重新發行專集,並命名為OKNOTOK 1997-2017,當中包括原先的12首歌曲和8個B-sides作品。

Radiohead dropped an intriguing new video for “Man of War” (also known as “Big Boots” previously.) The band released a new 20th anniversary reissue of OK Computer called OKNOTOK 1997-2017. It contains original 12 tracks and 8 B-sides.