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[BREAKING] Chester Bennington Last Performance

Linkin Park 的 Chester Bennington 逝世,終年只有41歲。據TMZ報導,他在洛杉磯的私人公寓中自殺,遺體在香港時間昨晚被發現。巧合地今天也是他的好友、在上月自殺的 Soundgarden / Audioslave 主將 Chris Cornell 的53歲生忌。片段拍攝於 Linkin Park 在英國伯明翰的最後演唱會,Chester跳到人群前以半acoustic的形式唱出Crawling,當時每一個人也顯得非常感動。

More information on the tragedy – Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington was found hanged aged 41. According to TMZ, the singer hanged himself at a private residence in Los Angeles. His body was reportedly discovered Thursday morning just before 9am. Today would also have been his close friend, Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

Here’s Chester’s final performance at Birmingham that will definitely make you cry…

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[CONCERT REVIEW] While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong 2017

★ Live Gallery 現場照片 (: @mohawkmajorie)
★ Concert Review 演出回顧

// ⋯⋯今次的專場近乎Sold Out,在開門前已吸引了很多粉絲排隊,在香港可說是非常罕見的。 許多人穿上WSS前兩次巡演的T-shirt,當然也有不少即場購買今次的宣傳產品,並立即掛上身上,霎眼就像看到3代Sleep Brothers 支持者同場出現般。 這晚恰好是 Chester Bennington 自殺後的第二天,所以有不少樂迷也穿上 Linkin Park 標誌的上衣作紀念。//

// …The almost sold-out show has attracted long queue of fans before door opened which is very rare in Hong Kong. Many of them have put on tour t-shirts from WSS’ previous tour. It’s like seeing 3 short generation of While She Sleeps fans at once. The night happened to be the day after Chester Bennington’s suicide, so many people also put on Linkin Park’s tee as tribute…//

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[GIG NEWS] Mew – Live in Hong Kong

丹麥另類搖滾之神Mew將於9月再次到港演出!今次也是由 Your Mum 主辦,絕對是獨立搖滾迷不能錯過的活動。156和The Zookeeper’s Boy仍是我們最愛的歌曲,你還想在現場聽到哪個作品?(四年前讓人感動得起雞皮疙瘩的 )

Danish alt rock god Mew will be back to Hong Kong in September! Brough to you again by Your Mum, this will definitely be another unforgettable night for any indie rock fans. 156 and The Zookeeper’s Boy are still on our most-wanted songs on the list, what do you want to hear in live?

Mew – Live In Hong Kong
Opening Band 暖場樂團: TBC
Date 日期: 18 September 2017
Time 時間: 8:00pm
Venue 地點: Music Zone, KITEC
Ticket 票價: $490 at Ticketflap.com

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[NEWS] Sleeping With Sirens “Legends” Become U.S. Olympic Team Official Song!

美國奧林匹克運動團隊宣布將會以 Sleeping with Siren 最新作品 Legends 作為他們出戰今屆冬季運動會的官方代表歌曲!從以下的官方歌詞視頻可見,音樂背後充滿熱血力量。這將會收錄在樂團稍後推出的全新專輯Gossip內,亦是2015年推出的Madness後首個力作。

The U.S. Olympic team just announced Sleeping with Siren’s “Legends” is selected as their the official song for Winter Olympics! The song is taken from upcoming album Gossip, following 2015’s Madness.

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[FLASHBACK] Suicide Silence – Live in Hong Kong

Flashback to Suicide Silence playing at Hidden Agenda 3.0 ❤️🙌🏿 (0:02 那個 crow-surfer 是重點!) 這個地方永遠也有着最棒的人、最棒的氣氛、最棒的音樂、是最棒的 Space For Live! This place always had the best people, best vibe and best #SpaceForLive !!!

Review 全文 > bit.ly/suicidesilence_review2016
Gallery 現場照片 > bit.ly/suicidesilence_dj (📸: @mohawkmajorie)