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[NEWS] Attendee Selling Chester Bennington‘s Funeral Memorial Items on eBay

連喪禮紀念品也拿去拍賣⋯⋯上星期三 Chester Bennington 的家人替Chester舉辦私人喪禮,只有被邀請的人才能出席。但想不到竟然有出席者把當日派發的紀念包放上eBay售賣!物品包括喪禮儀式程序、紀念牌、手帶及襟章,立即吸引不少人投標,出價最高的竟然搭五萬美元,其後經媒體報道後,eBay已立即把物品下架。 下面左圖取自 Of Mice & Men 前主唱 Austin Carlile 的 twitter。

According to Rockfeed, someone is selling items from Chester Bennington’s funeral on eBay. People who attended the service on Saturday, July 29 were given memorial packages containing the funeral program, a memorial pass, a wristband and a pin. The top bid for one set is currently at over 50,000 dollars. The post is then being taken off. The left photo was taken from Of Mice & Men ex-vocalist Austin Carlile’s twitter.

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[NEWS] Periphery – The Way The News Goes

早前曾來香港演出的 Periphery 推出全新視頻 The Way The News Goes,片段集合不同現場花絮。歌曲收錄在2016年推出的專輯 Periphery III: Select Difficulty。你可在下面連結重溫樂團本年錯在香港的演出點滴。

Periphery dropped new music video “The Way The News Goes” filmed from their live show. The song is taken from their album Periphery III: Select Difficulty. You can check out the band’s amazing concert in Hong Kong this year in the links above.

★ Review 演出回顧
Gallery 現場相集 (📸: @mohawkmajorie)

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[NEWS] While She Sleeps – Steal The Sun

深受港台樂迷喜愛的 While She Sleeps 上載全新視頻 Steal The Sun,特別的是片段在上月進行的亞洲巡演期間拍攝,在不同場次邀請樂迷作為主角。看看有沒有你熟悉的面孔在片中出現?

While She Sleeps revealed new video for “Steal The Sun.” The clip was filmed during their Asia Tour taken place last month and had invited fabs from different stop to participate. Do you see any familiar faces? 

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[NEWS] Corey Taylor Shared Stage With His Son

近來有不少搖滾巨星均在演出中邀請他們的子女上台一起演奏。上星期五,Corey Taylor 與他的兒子 Griffin 在 Stone Sour新澤西州的巡演中合唱Song #3。令人再次回想起 Metallica 的 Robert Trujillo 的12歲兒子 Tye 在 Korn 的北美巡演中替補Fieldy作bass結他手一職,而Robert 更在其中一站加入演出。上月又有Foo Fighters 主將 Dave Grohl 的8歲小女兒Harper上台負責打鼓,與爸爸的全體成員一起演奏 Queen 的We Will Rock You。

It seems rockstars enjoy sharing the same stage with their kids nowadays. Corey Taylor asked his son Griffin to join him onstage as vocalist during Stone Sour’s concert in New Jersey on Friday.

Earlier this year, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s 12-year-old son Tye Trujillo was filling in for Fieldy in Korn’s tour and even Robert joined in for a jam in April. Then it’s Foo Fighters’ turn to share their stage with Dave Grohl’s 8 year old daughter, Harper, as drummer for “We Will Rock You.”

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[NEWS] The Maine – Taxi

近年走上獨立道路的流行朋克樂團 The Maine 上載全新視頻 Taxi,歌曲收錄在三個月前上市的 Lovely Little Lonely,推出以來受到不少樂迷及樂評人讚許。

Pop punk noisemakers revealed new video “Taxi” off their latest album ‘Lovely Little Lonely.’ The album has received many positive feedback from fans and critics.