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英國Sheffield金屬核樂隊 While She Sleeps 第三次來到香港,今趟特別為了其最新專輯 You Are We 作亞洲宣傳之旅。他們一向在亞洲金屬界很受歡迎,從2013年的This Is The Six到最新獨立發行的 You Are We,一直大獲好評。樂隊亦表現出他們對 亞洲文化的興趣,甚至把漢字「你是我們」加在樂團周邊商品和專輯封面上。

Sheffield metalcore outfits While She Sleeps are in Hong Kong for the 3rd time for their ‘You Are We’ promotional tour. The band always receive tremendous support from the Asian metal community – from their 2013 ‘This Is The Six’ to their newly independent release ‘Your Are We.’The band even include chinese characters in their merch and album artwork to show their deep interest in the Asian culture, in particular in Chinese culture.

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong

今次的專場近乎Sold Out,在開門前已吸引了很多粉絲排隊,在香港可說是非常罕見的。 許多人穿上WSS前兩次巡演的T-shirt,當然也有不少即場購買今次的宣傳產品,並立即掛上身上,霎眼就像看到3Sleep Brothers 支持者同場出現般。 這晚恰好是 Chester Bennington 自殺後的第二天,所以有不少樂迷也穿上 Linkin Park 標誌的上衣作紀念。

The almost sold-out show has attracted long queue of fans before door opened which is very rare in Hong Kong. Many of them have put on tour t-shirts from WSS’ previous tour. It’s like seeing 3 short generation of While She Sleeps fans at once. The night happened to be the day after Chester Bennington’s suicide, so many people also put on Linkin Park’s tee as tribute.

當晚的氣氛雖然因WSS再次來港而充滿興奮心情,但同時被Chester 去世消息影響而充滿一絲絲悲傷之感。 主辦方也決定在演出前的播歌時間,特別挑選了Linkin Park的經典作品作出致敬,場內人群大聲驕傲地跟著唱 Somewhere I Belong

The atmosphere is full of excitement and also sadness because of Bennington’s death. The organiser decided to do a little tribute before pulling off the curtain by playing Linkin Park’s classics in the pre-show DJ set. The crowd was singing along to “Somewhere I Belong” loudly and proudly.

這晚演出在9點正式開始,While She Sleeps以新歌及點題作 You Are WeCivil Isolation 開始,人群立即旋入Mosh Pit 之中。 他們的全新作品最近在港台金屬核圈被廣泛播放,所以台下每個人都能跟著每個字合唱。接下來是來自舊作Seven Hills Brainwashed,可說是代表着WSS過去幾年音樂事業上的不同里程碑。

The show officially begins at 9pm with new songs and title track “You Are We” and “Civil Isolation,” the crowd immediately swirl into the circle pit. These songs are widely played in the metal core community recently so everyone on the floor knows EVERY SINGLE WORD of it. Coming up next are are hits taken from their previous hits “Seven Hills” and “Brainwashed” which can broadly represent different milestone of their musical career in the last few years.

一如往常,樂隊的現場中永遠有用不盡的力量和充滿親密感的表現,每一次的演出也盡力與觀眾互動。主將 Loz Taylor 的簽名高處垂跳,不論是從舞台結構架、吊在天花的懸浮結構、抑或是像今次從側面露台邊躍下,每次落點也非常精準。對於像香港這樣的忠實粉絲,當然地上每個人都成功地抓住了他,再成功地讓他crowd-surf返回台上。

As always, the band never fail to deliver an impressive show filled with full energy and intimacy. WSS always enjoy keeping a close interaction with their supporters. Frontman Loz Taylor’s signature jump from up high, whether is stage structure, ceiling features or like this time, from the balcony on the side, always becomes the highlight of the night. Of course, for loyal fans like the Hong Kong crowd, everyone on the floor catch him and successfully let him crowd-surf back to the stage.

今年是 While She Sleeps 最重要的時刻,樂團大膽脫離唱片公司,走上獨立之路。 年初更決定建立一個遠離城市的工作室,親手把舊倉庫改建,每塊木頭、每個牆上的字畫都是由心底深處造出來。這張新專輯更是在個窩裏錄製,通過眾籌活動籌集資金,而外界一致對此作及巡演之旅有正面評價。

This year is also one of the most important time for While She Sleeps. The group took a bold move of leaving the label and went onto the road of independence. Early this year, they decided to build a stand-along studio converted from a warehouse with their bare hands. Every piece of wood and every words on the wall are filled with thoughts from their hearts. The new album was recorded here with money raised through crowdfunding campaign. The reception is mostly towards both their record and this promotional tour.

這個整體可說是一個雄心勃勃的藝術企劃,參與者隨了While She Sleeps團隊外,還有出席和參與製作的也成為這個藝術的一部分,充分表達了「You Are We 你是我們」的概念。

You can say this is quite an ambitious art project from these Sheffield boys and everyone participated, and showed up at the shows are also part of this art which has fully expressed the concept behind  “YOU ARE WE 你是我們”.

1. Intro
2. You Are We
3. Civil Isolation
4. Seven Hills
5. Brainwashed
6. Empire of Silence
7. New World Torture
8. Feel
9. This Is The Six
10. Four Walls
11. Silence Speaks
12. Hurricane

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong