[News + Random] This Week The Trend (03 Sep – 09 Sep)

Back to basics. Do you remember this?

在過去幾個月,香港獨立音樂圈發生了很多大事,Live House沒有了,專場也接近是零,與香港和各地的音樂朋友分享時也充滿可惜。雖然近來各個單位也沒有太大動向,但希望各位樂迷繼續留意,尤其是在Live House的議題上,在需要時也記得支持!Support local scene! 下面是其中一張我們早期拍攝的照片 All Time Low,不知不覺已經四年,也成為其中一個最喜歡的  🇭🇰 (📸: @mohawkmajorie)

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[NEWS] The Used – Over And Over Again

靜了一陣子的 The Used 今天突然推出全新視頻 Over And Over Again 給新專輯的細節!新曲無論是在視覺上或聲音上與舊有的風格有少許不同,引來不少樂迷立即在網上討論。專輯方面會命名為The Canyon,總共有17首曲目,並決定於10月27日出版。你可在本帖末查看曲名,封面設計置於留言列內。

The Used dropped a brand new video “Over And Over Again” with upcoming album detail today! Their 7th studio album, The Canyon, will be out on October 27, via Hopeless Records. (Album cover in comment thread) The song has slightly different visual direction and sound, what do you think?

1: For You
2: Cold War Telescreen
3: Broken Windows
4: Rise Up Lights
5: Vertigo Cave
6: Pretty Picture
7: Funeral Post
8: Upper Falls
9: The Divine Absence (This Is Water)
10: Selfies In Aleppo
11: Moving The Mountain (Odysseus Surrenders)
12: Over and Over Again
13: The Quiet War
14: Moon-Dream
15: The Nexus
16: About You (No Songs Left to Sing)
17: The Mouth Of The Canyon

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深受港台樂迷喜愛的Architects驚喜地推出全新視頻Doomsday,樂團在訪談中更提到此曲是已去世的結他手Tom Searle 生前參與的創作。樂團鼓手Dan Searle表示:「代他完成這個作品是個重大的責任。」Tom Searle 在去年八月敗在與皮膚癌長期抗爭,最終在28歲逝世。希望大家會透過音樂再次與Tom相連起來。

Architects dropped a new video for the song “Doomsday.” They tell Revolver that it’s a song that was originally worked on by the late Tom Searle “Completing it (the song) for him was a massive responsibility,” drummer Dan Searle told the music source about the song.

Architects guitarist Tom Searle, who passed away after a long battle with cancer at the young age of 28 in last August.

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[NEWS] James Hetfield Fell Down On Stage

今年年初曾經來港演出的Metallica 正在歐洲進行巡迴演出,在星期日晚荷蘭站演奏Now That We’re Dead一曲時,James Hetfield 失足跌落已下降的升降台內 (原為放置擊鼓器材之用),幸好並沒有受傷而且繼續彈奏,之後更打趣說:「所有人也安好嗎?我也OK,但我的自尊就很難說了,也許傷害了我的感覺吧!」

Metallica’s James Hetfield fell into an open trap door during a performance of “Now That We’re Dead” in Amsterdam on Monday. Luckily he was not injured and even made a joke on the incident. “Is everybody ok?” Hefield asked the crowd after falling over. “Yes, I’m ok. My ego, not so much. But we’re fine. Hurt my feelings a little bit.” (via rolling stones)

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[NEWS] Mastodon – Steambreather  (劇透 Spoil Alert 👃🏻👃🏻👃🏻)

小編非常喜愛的 Mastodon 上載全新視頻 Steambreather,一如以往他們以廣闊的想像空間製造視覺效果。歌曲收錄在全新專輯 Emperor of Sand 內。(一定要一口氣看完全個視頻!)

Mastodon revealed new video “Steambreather” off their latest album ‘Emperor of Sand’ which is out already. As always, the band never fail to deliver extremely creative, visually stunning video that will leave you speechless! Enjoy!

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[NEWS] Arch Enemy – The Eagle Flies Alone 

Arch Enemy 上載新專輯 Will To Power 內第二首單曲 The Eagle Flies Alone 的視頻。WTP將於9月8日正式出版,是繼14年War Eternal後首個錄音室專集。

Arch Enemy revealed new video for “The Eagle Flies Alone,” second single off their upcoming album ‘Will To Power,’ which will be out on September 8. This will be their first studio album after 2014’s War Eternal.