[News + Random] This Week The Trend (17 Sep – 23 Sep)

[NEWS] Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke 

昨晚電視終於播出 Foo Fighters 參與 James Corden 清談節目中非常受歡迎的Carpool Karaoke 環節 (之前 Metallica、 Stevie Wonder等亦曾經參與),一同在車中唱出All My Life、Best Of You、Learn To Fly,及最新單曲 The Sky Is A Neighborhood,已宣傳上周推出的全新專輯 Concrete and Gold。

Foo Fighters join James Corden for the famous carpool karaoke to sing an array of the hits which included “All My Life,” “Best Of You,” “Learn To Fly” and new single “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”off their new album ‘Concrete and Gold’ which was out last week.

Foo Fighters 為慶祝第九張錄音室專集Concrete And Gold出版,樂團決定在倫敦設置為期一星期的Pop Up Pub!

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[NEWS] Linkin Park 紀念演唱會 Memorial Show

兩個月前 Chester Bennington 自殺身亡,Linkin Park 一直保持低調,昨天樂團宣布將舉行特別演出,以紀念Chester的貢獻和為生命高歌。這次是LP成員在Chester逝世後首次公開表演,並將會邀請其他音樂人參與,希望給樂迷一個難忘的晚上。樂隊成員將把利潤捐贈到樂團一向非常支持的 Music for Relief的One More Light Fund 。活動將在十月二十七日於美國舉行。

Linkin Park have announced a special show to honor Chester Bennington’s legacy and celebrate life. The members of Link Park will be performing has一 for the first time since Chester Bennington’s passing, and will be joined by other artists onstage for an unforgettable celebration. The band members will be donating their profits from the show to Music For Relief’s One More Light Fund in memory of Chester. The event will be held on October 27th.


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[NEWS] Stone Sour – Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)

Stone Sour 推出全新視頻 Rose Red Violent Blue,歌曲展示樂團窩心的一面,片段中更可見各人以脫衣舞孃及鐵騎形象示人。你可在SS六月尾推出的專輯Hydrograd找到此曲目。

Stone Sour dropped a new music video for the heartfelt love song “Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)” from the album Hydrograd released in June. You can see the boys dressed up like a strippers and rode the motorcycles performing in the clip!

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[FLASHBACK] Yellowcard – Live in Hong Kong 2017

Live Gallery 現場照片 (: @mohawkmajorie)
Concert Review 演出回顧

在記錄中尋找到這個遺失了的錄影,攝於今年二月Yellowcard在香港舉行最後一次演唱會。A lost live video captured at Yellowcard’s final show in Hong Kong this February…

//「告別永遠都不知從何說起,要用文字表達出來更是困難。」“Putting this into words hasn’t been easy. When saying farewell, it is hard to know where to start.” //

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[FLASHBACK FRIDAY] While She Sleeps – Live in Hong Kong 2017

熟悉金屬圈的本地朋友都知道,因為各種原因,香港演出的外國搖滾/金極樂團接近零⋯⋯ While She Sleeps 七月的演出開船是跟內其中一個最多樂迷參與的活動!

Live Gallery 現場照片 (: @mohawkmajorie)
Concert Review 演出回顧

// ⋯⋯今次的專場近乎Sold Out,在開門前已吸引了很多粉絲排隊,在香港可說是非常罕見的。 許多人穿上WSS前兩次巡演的T-shirt,當然也有不少即場購買今次的宣傳產品,並立即掛上身上,霎眼就像看到3代Sleep Brothers 支持者同場出現般。 這晚恰好是 Chester Bennington 自殺後的第二天,所以有不少樂迷也穿上 Linkin Park 標誌的上衣作紀念。//

// …The almost sold-out show has attracted long queue of fans before door opened which is very rare in Hong Kong. Many of them have put on tour t-shirts from WSS’ previous tour. It’s like seeing 3 short generation of While She Sleeps fans at once. The night happened to be the day after Chester Bennington’s suicide, so many people also put on Linkin Park’s tee as tribute…//