[News + Random] This Week The Trend (08 Oct – 14 Oct)

[NEWS] Best Live House in Hong Kong Is Closing

相信樂迷們已經收到消息在本地獨立圈極具代表性的 Hidden Agenda 宣布將會與大家講再見。我們希望作一個小小的tribute,在未來一個月,每天跟大家分享在HA所拍所見的金屬搖滾專場 (主要是3.0和4.0的,但最近也找到有當年2.0的照片!),作個小回顧。

Goodbye Hidden Agenda, for being a victim under the Hong Kong “revitalization” scheme. We’re planning a month-long tribute here to revisit all the wonderful moments in all the (metal) live gigs taken place at HA, honoring those who help advancing the music scene.

Looking forward to your comeback!


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[FLASHBACK] HIM – Your Sweet 666

A romantic (goth) metal song from HIM for Friday 13th! 黑色星期五,特選 HIM 的 Your Sweet 666 作為今天的主題曲 

I welcome your six six six in my heart
I’m losing my faith in you,
you’re sure to have all of the bad luck today (here’s to hoping)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

[NEWS] Neck Deep Saves Fans From Security Brutality

我們一直喜愛小場地那個親切cozy之感,沒有圍欄又沒有一大段規則。前幾天近年人氣極大的流行朋克樂團 Neck Deep 在英國的演唱會中,因保安人員粗暴對待前排觀眾及crowdsurf的粉絲,他們更一度出手及起腳阻止,令演出中段。片段曝光後,樂團被讚賞避免樂迷受傷。

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[NEWS] Designer Re-imagine Famous Album Cover

有設計師在唱片封面外加上有趣場景,重新定義大家熟悉的album cover。我們挑選了幾個與搖滾的作品 —— Nirvana 的 Nevermind、 Blur 的Parklife和 Bruce Springsteen的 Born In The USA (除了右下JB那個,但著實太 😂 ,所以作特別分享)

Designer (@Aptitude) reimagine the “un-cropped” famous album sleeves for your pleasure — Nirvana’s Nevermind, Blur’s Parklife and Bruce Springsteen’s famous Born In The USA.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

[NEWS] Marilyn Manson – SAY10

Marilyn Manson 推出全新視頻 SAY10,還特別邀請其好友 Johnny Depp 參與拍攝。此曲收錄在上週出版的新專輯Heaven Upside Down。SAY10最初傳為這個專輯的名稱,是15年的The Pale Emperor後首個作品。

Manson 兩周前於紐約市舉行的演唱會上被巨大的槍型舞台道具壓傷,其後取消幾場巡演活動,並正在洛杉磯家中休養,但他已公布在10月15日繼續演出。

Marilyn Manson released video for his new track “SAY10” featuring the appearance of Johnny Depp. The song is taken from his new album Heaven Upside Down out last week. SAY10 was originally said to be the new album’s title as the follow-up to 2015’s The Pale Emperor.

Two weeks ago, Manson got hit by a huge stage at the concert in New York City and is still recovering. He cancelled a few shows but will be back on the road on 15th October.

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[NEWS] Linkin Park x Mercedes-AMG 紀念車 – Chester Bennington Car

昨日 Mike Shinoda 在車展中首度分享Linkin Park和Mercedes-AMG的致敬汽車,以紀念七月去世的Chester Bennington。車上有類似他手腕上標記式的火焰紋身作致敬。

Mike Shinoda reveal the special tribute car Linkin Park and Mercedes-AMG created to honor Chester Bennington. Mercedes-AMG paid tribute by creating a car with a flame decal similar to that of Bennington’s flame tattoo. (via ap)

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[NEWS] ENDUR (Periphery‘s Spencer Sotelo) – Death Angel

年前曾以 Periphery 主唱身分來港的 Spencer Sotelo 有新動向,成立樂團ENDUR,並推出全新歌曲 Death Angel,更定於10月27日發行首張專輯 American Parasite。

ENDUR, a new metal project from the man behind the mic of Periphery, Spencer Sotelo, reveals new song “Death Angel” taken from their debut album “American Parasite” comes out October 27.

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[NEWS] Marilyn Manson Cancels Shows After Injury

相信不少樂迷都知道 Marilyn Manson 星期一個於紐約市舉行的演唱會上被巨大的槍型舞台道具壓傷,直至現時為止仍沒有對外公開受傷情況。但其發言人向媒體表示:「Manson被迫取消美國巡演中十月份的幾個演出⋯⋯ 被正在當地醫院的接受治療,之後將返回洛杉磯的家中休養。」

As many of you know Marilyn Manson got hit by a huge stage props at the concert in New York City on Monday (HK Time) and condition is still unknown. His representative expressed to the media that “Marilyn Manson is being forced to cancel several of his October dates on his forthcoming U.S. tour…”and “was treated for the injury at a local hospital and will be recuperating at home in Los Angeles.”

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Here’s the punk rock classic from Rancid to celebrate Mooncake Festival! (taken from Indestructible issued in 2003)