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[GIG UPDATE]  Matthew Dear and Axel Boman Cannot Perform At Clockenflap + More Lineup To Be Announced ⭐️

所有Clockenflap出席者注意! 陣容有變化,但更多的演員將會宣布!Attention all Clockenflap goers! There’s changes to the lineup but don’t worry, more acts will be announced sooooon!

// 很可惜,我們接到表演單位MATTHEW DEAR和AXEL BOMAN的通知,今年十一月並不能來港出演Clockenflap。他們表示抱歉未能為樂迷帶來期待已久的演出,並承諾未來會跟香港樂迷補償。身為主辦方,Clockenflap當然跟大家一樣失望,但活動將照原定時程繼續,而今天下午我們將公佈完整音樂陣容,敬請期待。//

//Unfortunately, we have been passed news that MATTHEW DEAR and AXEL BOMAN are no longer able to come to Hong Kong in November. Both were looking forward to playing the festival, have offered their apologies and have promised to make it up to HK fans in the future. We’re of course disappointed they can’t make it, though the show goes on, and we’ll be releasing our full 2017 lineup later this afternoon. Stay tuned! //

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[NEWS] A Perfect Circle – The Doomed

一眾搖滾金屬樂迷經常表示期待Tool的新歌,還笑說直至死也沒有機會聽到。而由Tool主將領軍的另一樂團A Perfect Circle,以沉實節拍、陰沉聲音見稱,一直深受另類金屬樂迷追捧,在前日突然推出末世新曲The Doomed,整個互聯網的各個媒體紛紛報道,不少樂迷亦賦予高度讚賞。外界預期樂團將會於2018年推出新專輯,亦是14年來首個新作品。

A Perfect Circle dropped a dark new song, “The Doomed” this week! The track is the metal veterans’ first new song in four years and will appear on their forthcoming LP, which is expected to arrive in 2018.

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深受港台樂迷喜愛的Architects驚喜地推出全新視頻Doomsday,樂團在訪談中更提到此曲是已去世的結他手Tom Searle 生前參與的創作。樂團鼓手Dan Searle表示:「代他完成這個作品是個重大的責任。」Tom Searle 在去年八月敗在與皮膚癌長期抗爭,最終在28歲逝世。希望大家會透過音樂再次與Tom相連起來。

Architects dropped a new video for the song “Doomsday.” They tell Revolver that it’s a song that was originally worked on by the late Tom Searle “Completing it (the song) for him was a massive responsibility,” drummer Dan Searle told the music source about the song.

Architects guitarist Tom Searle, who passed away after a long battle with cancer at the young age of 28 in last August.

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[NEWS] Tonight Alive New Album!

流行朋克熱血分子Tonight Alive 宣布即將發行的專輯Underworld,並鐵定將於2018年1月12日發布!(有沒有樂迷出席他們在2012年的香港專場?! ❤️ )

主唱 Jenna McDougall 經常以壓抑的感覺用作撰寫歌詞的靈感來源,作為錄製這張專輯時的驅動力。她把自己黑暗的世界拆解,對自我作更深入的瞭解。Jenna分享説:「這張專輯叫做Underworld,因為它反映了我迄今還沒有準備認知的劣根性。」

Pop punk powerhouse Tonight Alive has announced their upcoming album ‘Underworld’, which will be out on 12th January 12th, 2018! (BTW who had caught their live in Hong Kong in 2012?!)

Vocalist Jenna McDougall artfully awoke the feelings that she had repressed and used them as a driving force when writing her lyrics and recording this album. She dissected her darkness to get a deeper understanding of who she really is. McDougall shares, “The album is called Underworld and I named it that because it reflects the ugly parts of me that I wasn’t ready to see until now.”

1. Book Of Love
2. Temple
3. Disappear
4. The Other
5. In My Dreams
6. For You
7. Crack My Heart
8. Just For Now
9. Burning On
10. Waiting For The End
11. Last Light
12.Looking For Heaven
13. My Underworld

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[NEWS] Evanescence – Imperfection

Evanescence 推出全新視頻 Imperfection,歌詞圍繞自殺及失去走上自殺之路的至愛。此曲收錄在11月10日上市的專輯Synthesis內。

Evanescence reviewed brand new music video for “Imperfection,” taken from the band’s upcoming album (10th November), Synthesis. The track also touches on sensitive subject on depression and those we’ve lost to suicide.

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[NEWS] Marilyn Manson Founding Member Daisy Berkowitz Passed Away At 49

Marilyn Manson 的創團成員Daisy Berkowitz逝世,經歷四年與腸癌搏鬥,終年只有49歲。Daisy在1989年認識Brian Warner,並組成Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids,其後Brian取了Marilyn Manson作為藝名。當時Daisy擔任結他手一職,可說對這個樂團影響深遠。Manson在其社交網站悼念,並希望大家會播放Man That You Fear來紀念Daisy。(若有看過MM的自傳,定會記得他多次提到Daisy吧。)

Daisy Berkowitz, co-founding member and guitarist of Marilyn Manson, has died at the age of 49. Manson shared an old photo with Daisy to mourn his late friend. After four years of battle, Daisy lost his life to colon cancer. He met Brian Warner (the now Marilyn Manson) in 1989 to form Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids.

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[NEWS] Arch Enemy – The Race

Arch Enemy 上載新專輯 Will To Power 內的全新現場視頻 The Race。專輯已於9月8日正式出版,是繼14年War Eternal後首個錄音室專集。

Arch Enemy revealed brand new live video for “The Race” off their upcoming album ‘Will To Power,’ which was out on September 8 already. This will be their first studio album after 2014’s War Eternal.