[Live Review + Photography] Miss May I – Live in Hong Kong

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美國俄亥俄州金屬核名團 Miss May I 終於首次在香港首次演出,正正是他們組成的第十個年頭,以MMI名義分享音樂創作。這個專場為其最新專輯 Shadows Inside 的宣傳巡演之旅一部分,完全展示了他們無可抵擋的力量,可說是本年度在香港的最精采演出之一。
Ohio metalcore veterans Miss May I finally have their debut gig in Hong Kong for the very first time in 2017, exactly 10 years after they decided to share their music with the world as a band. As part of the promotional tour for their latest album, ‘Shadows Inside’, MMI are here to showcase their irresistible power.

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 在二千年代金屬核崛起中期,Miss May I 是其中一個大受core樂迷追捧的名字之一。 隨著時間過去,許多樂隊在音樂和形象方面都開始重新塑造自己,有些加入更重型元素、有些加入近年最流行的電子節拍,擴展潛在聆聽者領域。然而,他們決定忠於自己的音樂基礎,在往後發行的專輯仍以金屬核重型與旋律交替的結他編曲、不能缺少的breakdown、嘶哮加偶爾的clean vocal歌聲、以社會日常和人生經歷作靈感的歌詞,在現場更能把每首歌都的情緒底縕展現出來。
In the rise of the 2000s metalcore scene, Miss May I became one of notable names that every core kids listened to. As years go by, many band in the genre begin to rebranding themselves, both in terms of sound and image. They, however, decide to stay true to their root and continue to release album after album with their heavy riff vs catchy melodic lines, signature breakdowns, death growl overlays with occasional clean vocals, and lyrics inspired by life and personal experience. Each songs brings out the underlying emotion to live.

 代表作如 Hey Mister、I.H.E. 和 Relentless Chaos 等肯定是粉絲們的最愛。當前奏響起時,全場觀眾立即著火般。熟悉本地音樂的朋友們都知道,Music Zone 從來不是這種專場的最佳場地,因為整個環境太公整,音響又不夠集中,無論在感覺或者聲音上也有點不自在的感覺。但今次樂隊與 幕後團隊仍能成功把聲音調得非常平均清晰,從聲樂到樂器的每個部分,擴大後的立體聲也非常圓潤。
當主唱 Levi Benton 與隊友在台上傾力演出演出之制,台下則被Wall of Death 和充滿汗水的 Circle Pit 所佔據,樂團亦憑著頻繁親切的互動把在場的人拉在一起。他們更多次表示,這是他們第一次亞洲巡迴,也成為他們十年職業生涯中最受歡迎的巡演之旅! 樂隊看起來確實很享受這晚的演出,你可以透過每一個演奏的音符看到和聽到他們的熱誠。

 Anthems like “Hey Mister,” “I.H.E.” and “Relentless Chaos” for sure are fans’ favourite. When the intro is strung, the crowd are immediately set on fire. Music Zone is never the best venue for this kind of shows because of the airiness and overly-neat setting. But the band is still able to pull the crowd together by frequently interacting with the fans. While Levi Benton & co. are pouring their guts futon stage, the floor is occupied by wall of death and sweat-soaked circle pits.
The sound of this night is incredible. Each part, from vocal to each instrument, are fully an clearly amplified through the stereo. They has expressed a few times that this is their first Asia tour and is their favourite tour in their 10-year career! Indeed the band do look like they enjoy themselves very much at this show. You can see and hear the sincerity through each note they play.

除了大家熟悉的歌曲之外,May May I 當然從新專輯 Shadows Inside 中選出了一些新歌,如 Lost In The Grey 和 My Destruction 等,最後以點題作結束。 Levi 尖叫道:「我們會在2019年回來的!」看來這個金屬核五人組已經有了計劃,作另一個世界巡演了。我們當然希望MMI會在再次來臨,因為這可説是香港今年最好的演出之一。同時這也標誌著2017年的live shows完美結束。 明年在Mosh Pit中再見!
Besides the well-known songs, Miss May I also selected a handful of new songs off their new album ‘Shadows Inside’ such as “Lost In The Grey” and “My Destruction,” and close the show with the title track. Benton screamed, “We will be back in 2019!” It seems this metalcore powerhouse do have a solid plan for another world tour already, and we hope they do because the is hands down one of the best gig in Hong Kong this year. It also marks a perfect end to the live shows of 2017 in our city. See you in the pit next year!


Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Miss May I – Live in Hong Kong