[Event Preview] Our Guide To Clockenflap @Hong Kong

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今年Clockenflap 倒數十天!我們在過去幾週與您分享了不同演出陣容亮點。但一個週末有幾十個選擇,怎樣才能讓你的周末度過呢?無論你喜歡那個流派,以下是我們的心水之選。

如果你是英式搖滾追隨者,你肯定不會對Kaiser Chiefs的名字感到陌生,憑2007年的Ruby受到注目,其後成為二千年被大受追捧的樂隊之一,今次會為星期五作壓軸。移動到週末將有Trip Hop名團 Massive Attack 和90年代的另類/電子組合 The Prodigy! *Firestarter! Firestarter!*

今年的亞洲力量亦不能錯過!必看的單位絕對要數來自日本的水曜日のカネパネラ (Wednesday Campanella)!萬分期待她把平日音樂和視覺上的無限想像力帶到現場!香港獨立音樂界最受歡迎的台灣清新後搖樂團Hello Nico及來自成都、近期成為引領中國嘻哈風暴的 Higher brothers將再次來到香港於Clockenflap登場。另外不少本地樂迷也為 粉紅A 回歸感到興奮哦。

其他特別注意的還有美國波特蘭另類搖滾樂團The Dandy Warhols 吧。對於另類流行/電子愛好者,又怎麼能錯過我們編輯選擇的MØ和 Cashmere Cat 呢?去年在美國看過這兩個單位,現場氣氛非常熱烈,所以也不能錯失機會。門票仍在ticketflap.com有售。

10 Days countdown to Clockenflap 2017! Over the last few weeks, we have shared the lineup highlights with you. But how to have your weekend well-spent when there are over 30 acts playing in one weekend? Well here’s our ultimate pick regardless which genre you’re into.

If you’re one of the brit pop follower, Kaiser Chiefs sure is no stranger to you. The band gained their popularity with 2007’s “Ruby.” Moving into the weekend, there will be trip hop master Massive Attack and 90’s electronic alternative icon The Prodigy! *ringing Firestarter!*

ASIAN POWER! Another must-see act is definitely Wednesday Campanella 水曜日のカンパネラ from Japan! For sure there is a lot to anticipate with her infinite imagination being brought to the stage in live! Hong Kong indie community’s favorite, refreshing Taiwanese indie group Hello Nico will be back to HK again for their first big stage performance, meanwhile Chengdu’s Higher Brothers who is leading the Chinese hip hop storm will appear at Clockenflap after their show in August in Hong Kong.

Local music fans are also thrilled for the comeback of Fan Hung A and Portland alt rock outfits The Dandy Warhols. For alt pop / electronic fans, how can we miss out our editor’s choice MØ and Cashmere Cat! Caught these two acts in New York City last year, these 2 acts for sure know how to do the magic to turn the crowd into crazy! Tickets available at ticketflap.com.

(Full previews will be out next week, stay tuned!)

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