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The Italian Metal Force

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對於意大利金屬界來說,Destrage 這個名字並不陌生。他們一向較專注在歐洲市場,在意大利經常與各大樂團如Meshuggah 演出,但直到上星期才進行16年音樂生涯中首次北美巡演。來自米蘭的Destrage 大概可稱為充滿技術性的 progressive metalcore 樂團 (Metal Blade Records),但大部分時間都沒有被任何特定類型的genre所定義。他們經常把來自不同流派的音樂元素互相配合,你留心一下便會發現,曲調中很容易便會找到各種編曲,如硬核甚至nu-metal的影子。

Destrage, a name that’s no strangers to the Italian metal community, are finally making a big move to meet their fans in North America and the world beyond. Hailing from Milan, the band’s sound fundamentally consist extensive technical and progressive composition with metalcore elements. Not being defined by any specific type of music, they frequently incorporate musical elements from different genres. It’s not hard to identify distinctive hardcore and even nu-metal elements in their tunes.

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Destrage  – North America Tour

在過去的十六年,樂隊主要集中在歐洲舞台上,我們有幸參與他們在紐約市的表演,看看這些意大利金屬頭在這場sold-out的演出中與樂迷分享他們的第四張專輯 A Means To No End(該專輯在2個月前經已上市喔。)

In the last 16 years, the band primarily focused on the European scene and just kicked off their very first North America tour last week. We have joined their show in New York City to see what these Italian metalheads doing in this sold-out gig also in celebration for their 4th album ‘A Means To No End,’ which just came out 2 months ago.

這個演出以重低音結他開始,讓你想要隨著節拍跳動,進入Destrage的世界。旋律平穩而令人容易入腦,還加入一些沙啞clean vocal及硬核式的breakdown,讓人聯有少許聯想到Bane等樂團。就在你開始疑問:Destrage 怎麼不是一個「金屬」樂隊嗎?下一首曲子他們就給你解說。頭幾節的結他聲奏起,是典型的metal riff,這次它帶點 Rage Against The Machine and System of a Down,可能是由於這兩個團比較急促的編曲、聲樂風格和節奏步伐吧。

幾首歌曲之後,當觀眾嘗試定義 Destrage是什麼時,樂隊決定將一些電子節奏sampling作為插曲,慢慢地連接演出的後半部分。

The show kicks off with heavy bass lines that immediately turns you on, makes you want to move with the beats. It is steady yet catchy, and than the harsy clean vocal cuts in followed by some hardcore-ish breakdown that immediately reminds you of Bane and alike. Just when you start to wonder: Aren’t Destrage more of a “metal” band? The riff of the next tune begins to ring and this time it shares some familiarity of Rage Against The Machine and System of a Down’s compact composition, and probably the vocal style and progressive tempo as well.

A few songs after when audiences are left trying to identify what Destrage truely are, the band decide to put on some electronic sampling as interlude to slowly, smoothly pass to the second half of the set.

來到第二張專輯 Jade’s Place 時,整個演出變得更加有趣和diverse,亦使中間的mosh pit 變得越來越大。Destrage向你展示他們不受任何定義的限制,如果真的需要找到一個詞來形容,可以說樂隊帶領你在metalcoreprogressive metal之間游走。即使這是您第一次聽到Destrage,也會有很多令人琅琅上口的位置令人想跟著合唱。

It gets more interesting and diverse as it comes to “Jade’s Place” off their 2nd album, which set the centre crowd into a wild mosh pit. Destrage shows you their world of not being confined by any definitions. The band leads you through their journey mostly between the -core and heavy progressive metal if we really need to find a word to describe. There is no lack of catchy, groovy chorus for you to singalong with even if it’s your first time to meet Destrage.

最後樂隊選擇以 Purania 結束與樂迷的第一次北美現場接觸,這也是他們最廣為人知的歌曲。開始時以劇烈的前奏和沈重的base line 介紹歌曲,慢慢加入細語和 mean vocal 作敍事和聲樂交流,再在中段放慢連到一個非常有趣的流行爵士作bridge,並最終結束以breakdown和獨奏完成整個演出。如果你喜歡多樣性的(重型的)音樂,Destrage 必定不會讓你失望。

To end their first encounter with the NYC fans, the band choose say goodbye with “Purania” that starts off with intense intro and heavy baselines, whispering and  clean vocals interchange and slow down to a very interesting jazzy pop bridge and eventually end at the peak of breakdown and solos. If you like (heavy) music diversity, Destrage will not let you down.

DESTRAGE 的第四張專輯 A Means To No End2個月前經已上市。DESTRAGE’s 4th album ‘A Means To No End,’ was out in March this year.

Photo Gallery 現場相集 – Destrage  – North America Tour